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September 25, 2016

Paul Casey

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. You must be really happy?
PAUL CASEY: I am. And I'm glad to have a week off next week. I've got a week off next week.

I gave everything today. Quite draining round of golf, to be honest. I'm pretty fit, and it's not often I walk off the golf course fairly spent, but I'm fairly spent after that. Gave it a lot. Played a kick-ass round of golf, and not much else I can do.

Q. Some people playing as good as you are right now would want to say let's go play somewhere. What does the next few weeks hold for you? Have you even thought about it?
PAUL CASEY: Napa valley is where you'll see me next. Napa, probably Malaysia, and certainly HSBC Champions. I'm looking forward to having a couple of weeks off and spending time with my little guy and my wife.

Yeah, it's -- when I'm playing well, I love to keep going, but it's been a long season. You know, it's frustrating not to get any victories for this 2015/'16 season, but I've had some great stuff. I feel like the game is right where I want it. You know, I take comfort in the fact that Henrik Stenson is winning Open Championships in his 40s. I'm not yet 40. So I really feel like I can kick on and turn maybe 2016 into a springboard for something really cool and spectacular in 2017.

Q. Great job today. We'll see you in Napa.
PAUL CASEY: Thank you.

Q. Paul, an excellent round today. What's it like to kind of cap off the season finale with the round that you had today, especially two birdies coming in?
PAUL CASEY: Great but frustrating. No victories this year, so that was the only blemish really. But to be honest, the golf I've played of late, the last three events, it's been great stuff. I've never looked back on trying to sort of emulate maybe what I did in the past, but I think this is maybe the best golf I've ever played.

It's exciting to think that -- you know, I'm getting older, but I'm getting better.

Q. That has to be a great feeling. And now what do you do? You have a couple weeks off because you said you're going to be in Napa. So how do you keep that momentum going? Do things kind of slow down just a little bit?
PAUL CASEY: Who knows? That's probably an impossible task. First need to get home, see the wife, see Lex, take him to swim lessons on Tuesday, that kind of stuff. I'm looking forward to that.

In terms of momentum, going to have to keep on and keep practicing and keep working hard. I can really get -- I'd like to use this year as a springboard for a great '17, and you can have -- it's much easier to sort of take some time off if you've suddenly won one of the early events, and I've got a great opportunity if I keep playing the way I'm playing.

So keep the pedal down to a certain extent. Not treat it as an off-season just yet.

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