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September 14, 2016

Scott Strickland

Vero Beach, Florida

Q. Well, not the ending you wanted, but do all the well-wishes and just everybody saying how fun it was to watch you play, does it help?
SCOTT STRICKLAND: Yeah, you know, there's of course you want to win and of course there's disappointment and frustration. Hit a couple really just poor shots in the end there and didn't really trust it, so that's golf. But I hit a lot more good shots than bad shots this week and there's really no negatives for me coming out of this week. I mean, to play, to win the number of matches I did, to be able to compete against the quality of players that I did and beat them, I mean, you can't ask for much more than that. To be on TV is pretty damn cool.

So I wish Stewart all the best. There's a couple nights where we were the last two guys out on the putting green and just kind of shooting the breeze and practicing. I'm sure our paths will cross a lot over the coming years and I wish him all the best. I'm sure he's going to give it a great run tomorrow.

Q. Was there anything particular in the afternoon match that you didn't do as well as you had been doing?
SCOTT STRICKLAND: Yeah, just I would say really down the stretch the last two holes, 15 and 16, just around the greens just the grass is really -- the ball sits down, and it's tight lies and I just did not feel totally comfortable over it and it showed the last two holes. That's really where -- that was the one disappointing thing.

I hit 16, I hit a great drive and a pretty good second shot, but that hole is just so demanding that you really you hit two good shots and not be in a very good place. So that was the only thing that will sting a little bit. But so is golf.

The good news is that I'll get home to see my wife, Annie, and my kids and have a hell of a lot of great memories with my dad to think about.

Q. Yeah, I heard you talking to Buddy. Did you expect your dad to caddie before or was it just because he was here for work and it kind of worked out?
SCOTT STRICKLAND: No, that was the plan the whole time. So that was kind of the game plan. So just so happened he had to come out and he had some business in Redding so he was out a few days ahead. So, yeah, it's been good. It's been good. He did such a great job and tried to keep me in the moment as much as possible and not let me mind wander.

Q. You've obviously won tournaments in Michigan. Where does this rank getting close but not to winning a tournament?
SCOTT STRICKLAND: I would say that winning the GAM was a really great experience in Michigan. But I would say on this stage in a national championship this takes the cake for me so far.

I played a lot of really good golf. I hit a lot of really good shots when I needed to and beat some really accomplished players. So I got a lot of positives to take out of the week, and hopefully I can continue to build on it.

Q. Two years you don't have to worry about qualifying, that's a good thing?
SCOTT STRICKLAND: Yeah, that's a huge bonus.

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