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September 14, 2016

Scott Strickland

Vero Beach, Florida

Q. Going to the semifinals, how would you assess your performance today?
SCOTT STRICKLAND: I would say it's up-and-down. I think I had some really good holes, a couple holes. Especially early I struggled a little bit with my ball striking. Hit a couple wayward shots. But just kind of tried to keep plugging away. You know, just kept trying to plug away, hit good shots.

And Mike's a fantastic player, so I knew he was going to hit some really good shots. I think we both have a couple holes we'd like to have back where I know certainly 18 he gave me a bit of a favor there. But it was a good match back and forth. He made a great birdie at 10, and a birdie at 11 to get back up, and then I bounced right back and made birdie at 12.

So it was really just a great back-and-forth match and couldn't have asked for a better guy to play against and compete against and just happy to come out on top.

Q. Talk about how you can try to stay steady when you won three in a row to go up 2-up or to be up 2-up and you drop two right after that?
SCOTT STRICKLAND: Yeah, yeah, you know, it's just been the way it's gone all through match play for me, really. It was interesting being two up was a bit of a different position than I was used to this week. Usually I was used to coming back from being down a couple. So really when I lost a couple, it didn't, you know, it's nothing different than I've been in a couple times already.

So I just figured just hit good shots and usually good things happen. If they don't, you lose to a great guy and you get back home to see your family and get back to working. So I've tried to keep that in perspective. That I've got more important priorities than just golf, but, man, is it special to be here and be able to do this.

Q. Did you go to Bonefish last night?
SCOTT STRICKLAND: Went to Bonefish, got a little bang bang shrimp, the bang-bang shrimp and the special concoction has been bang-bang shrimp and, oh, what's the drink? It comes in a tin can with vodka.

Q. I know what you're talking about though?
SCOTT STRICKLAND: Yeah, it's got ginger. I'm blanking on it, I should remember.

Q. It's been a lot of golf.
SCOTT STRICKLAND: Yeah, just, man, to be four fantastic players now on the 18th hole.

Q. I was going to say you beat the defending champ on the 18th hole and the No. 1 seed on the 18th hole. So it's pretty much a dream run right now?
SCOTT STRICKLAND: Yeah, I can't put it into words, really. It hasn't really sunk in, and I'm going to try to not let it sync in and just try to block out all that extra stuff and just go and hit good golf shots, hopefully. I feel like one of the biggest things I feel like I've managed the course pretty well in terms of hitting it in spots you need to hit in. If you miss it, miss it in the right spots.

The course like on 17, the par-3 has some nice kind of approaches where you can hit shots a different way. And 13, the par-4 is another one where you just kind of have to land it short and let it release. So I've tried to play the course hopefully the way it's intended to be played and give myself some options if I miss it.

Q. You haven't played in a couple days, but was the North similar like that?
SCOTT STRICKLAND: I think North is a lot different, a lot different.

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