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September 11, 2016

Jordan Spieth

Carmel, Indiana

Q. What takeaways do you have from this week?
JORDAN SPIETH: Really close. Really close to that 20-under type play that those guys are doing out here. It feels like it's teetering on the edge, which if you said three weeks ago how do you want to feel, obviously I would have liked to have been in contention, have a chance to win or to win these three weeks. But this is second to that.

So feeling good. I moved from 4th to 7th by finishing 10th, whatever I finished last week, 23rd, and then top-10 again this week. And 7th is a good position. It's just about as good as a Top-5 in the FedExCup. Given, I think D.J. can't be T-2 and Patrick couldn't be -- D.J. would be No. 1 and Patrick can't be second alone.

So, pending, if I win, pending something unlucky, we still have a chance to win the FedExCup and get to the Ryder Cup off a victory and that's the plan.

Q. What's been strong about your game and what you do you feel you need to work on next week?
JORDAN SPIETH: I asked Michael that and trying to figure it out. Just a bit on the driver and long iron play. My hybrid and 3-wood was actually really solid today this week. The driver was a little off. The long iron play to mid iron play could be a bit stronger. Which is odd the hybrid and 3-wood would be off, because those should be the hardest ones to hit out of that group. But, again, it's close. I hit some really good shots with those clubs as well, it's just trying to gain a tighter control with both ball flights throughout the bag. The putting feels great, my short game's come a long way in a few weeks and I'll continue to improve that next week.

Q. You've been a big fan of D.J.'s game for a number of years now, what's it like for you to see him kind of fulfill all that incredible potential that he's had?
JORDAN SPIETH: It's really cool, because he's dealt with a lot. He's dealt with the expectations and he's won every season for what, nine seasons. That's really special, but people still considered him someone who wasn't a closer. You can't get to, you can't get past two wins on the PGA TOUR without being a closer. So, he's showing that now, he's showing that -- well I say that, I think Paul Casey just eagled and it might be a one-stroke lead.

Q. He eagled on top of him.
JORDAN SPIETH: Oh, okay. Right now he's seeing his lines, seems to have that tee ball under control, playing more of a cut. I think that took him a little while to figure out and he figured it out this year and at the U.S. Open, which is the hardest place to drive the ball of the year, he just played a 330 yard power cut around the place and gained confidence off that. So, it's really cool to see. I know him well and I partnered with him before, and I consider him a friend and happy that this is happening to him.

Q. The second FedExCup champion to make it back to East Lake the next year, comment a little bit about that accomplishment and how much it would mean to win two in a row.
JORDAN SPIETH: I'm really not sure why that's the case. I know the FedExCup hasn't been around that long. I think that won't be a trend that -- I don't think you'll see guys miss the FedExCup years after, going forward. I think it's, obviously, it's great, it's fantastic to make it to East Lake, you get 30 guys, it's a really nice week for us. We play fast, the facilities are wide open, you can kind of just do stuff on your own terms. It's just an easy week. It's probably the easiest week of the year, with, obviously, a pretty substantial price at the end of it. So, it's a place we feel really comfortable at, getting second and first, so going into this year with confidence.

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