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September 9, 2016

Paul Casey

Carmel, Indiana

Q. Blemish-free day at the office is always a good thing. Good shape heading into the weekend.
PAUL CASEY: Thank you. It's been a long day. I'm not as young as I used to be. Yeah, really good. Look how good the scoring is. Castro, Holmes, I lost track, I haven't actually looked at a scoreboard the last few holes, just trying to conserve energy and take care of my own business. And really happy with that today. Long day.

Q. Driving the ball well and in these wet conditions the fairways obviously get a bit wider, but how important still is it out here to get it in the fairway?
PAUL CASEY: Very. This course I feel like it's all about the ball striking, because you got to hit a lot of fairways in order to hit a lot of greens in regulation. And the greens are pretty severe. If you can put it on the right side of the flag, it makes your week really, really easy, or easier. So I've done so far a really good job of that and I would like to continue it over the weekend.

Q. More rain forecast for tonight, this place is going to get a little bit wetter it looks like. How do you attack it this weekend?
PAUL CASEY: I'll tell you tomorrow. I got no idea. Get some sleep first. Nothing wrong with what I've been doing so far, so the game plan is pretty solid. If we got to tweak it slightly because, if it gets really wet, maybe some lines change off the tees. But as you just said, it makes it wider, maybe it will play wider still.

Q. You mentioned the fatigue. This is a long stretch of golf. How do you manage it at this juncture?
PAUL CASEY: Put it this way: There's nothing you can do right now, you either got the fitness or you don't. The key is to get rest at night. That's the big thing. I've done a really good job of stage hydrated out there and eating the right things, so from that standpoint, I got the right fuel going into the body, just rely on the fitness I built up over the off season and all these years, which I feel pretty good about.

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