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August 25, 2016

Jordan Spieth

Farmingdale, New York

Q. How would you assess your round today?
JORDAN SPIETH: Never heard that question for the first one.

Yeah, I thought there was no rust off of a few-week break. Got off to a really nice start. Felt very comfortable. I knew that the way the scores were, I had seen in the morning that people were going out pretty low and then kind of holding on for dear life on the back nine, as it turns back, because most of it is into the wind.

I thought I held up pretty good. I only hit one fairway on the holes that were into the wind, and on those holes, there's longer ones where you need to be coming from the fairway in order to hit the green.

So the only one I did was the 600-yard par 5 and made birdie. It was just a real bummer finish, because I felt like I really actually played pretty solid today. Struck the ball nicely. Just didn't find the fairway into those into-the-wind holes.

Q. How tough is it to read the wind?
JORDAN SPIETH: We know where it is. It's just tough when the ball is going to land 280 yards out there and the wind is going to influence so much and you only have about 25, 30 yards to hit it.

On other golf courses, you can get away with the ball in the rough, the bunkers. But the way this one is designed and the way it's playing this week, the bunkers are designed where you get into kind of lips of them, and they force you to lay up; and then the rough is thick enough where you just can't miss them.

I think I hit seven today, so I only hit half of them. In order to win out here, you've got to hit more than that, so that's really my takeaway today. Just need to drive the ball a bit better.

Q. What do you compare this -- is this comparable to any course you play?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, it's one of the toughest ones. It's up there in the top few toughest courses I've ever played. If they made the greens firm today, it would have been unplayable on a few holes. It was very tough, challenging, but fair today. We just had it really, really tough in the afternoon with those winds so high.

So I think it's going to stay that way tomorrow. We'll still have a bit of wind in the morning and maybe pick up for the guys in the afternoon. If I can go out and shoot 3- or 4-under tomorrow, I'm back in the tournament. With three holes to go, potentially staying at 2-under, going to 3-under, that's right in the thick of things. And dropping back to even, I've got an uphill battle now. But on this golf course, you can make up a lot of ground with a good score.

Q. You've defended a lot of titles now. Is there something different to try to defend the FedExCup?
JORDAN SPIETH: Not at this point. Maybe once I get to East Lake. But right here, I don't have a great history at this tournament. I like this golf course and the way it's playing, and I showed that today. Very rarely do I get to a point in the round where I finish worse than I was at at that point and I dropped three shots from where I was at one point today. My focus is on obviously this tournament. We don't really think much of the whole FedExCup. You want to build momentum obviously for East Lake, but winning is a nice way to build momentum. So that's kind of the main focus this week.

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