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August 14, 2016

Timea Bacsinszky

Martina Hingis

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

6‑4, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Your thoughts on winning the silver medal here in Rio.
MARTINA HINGIS: For the 20th time, it's been an incredible journey. Yeah, I think it was a little bit against the odds when we started playing here. When I finally made the phone call, Timey, would you want to play with me, after the guys, they didn't show up, she was very enthusiastic in playing.
I think match after match we got better. I think we had our chances even today to play for the gold. It was already unbelievable to be there after being in the semifinals, two match points against us. I think we both badly so didn't want to play for the bronze; rather play for the gold. We're very proud of each other.
Great respect to have made it so far. I think this is something ‑ that silver medal ‑ will stay with us forever. That's something we take from here. Very proud of that.

Q. Martina, you've been through so much in your career with titles left, right and center. The emotions at the end, when was the last time you were as emotional after a match?
MARTINA HINGIS: Well, I think I'm quite emotional for different reasons. Like, I was pretty cool until she started crying there.
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: Actually, it's my fault.
MARTINA HINGIS: No, nothing is your fault.
We're there together to fight through thick and thin. It doesn't matter. I mean, we're one team, we're one 'equipe'. He made it on the court this far. I think we were very emotional in general.
If it doesn't touch you at the Olympic Games, where does it want to touch you? I think this is the moment we can let go all the stress after this week. It's done and over. All the happiness and emotions come through to you. I think that's only human. That's who we are. We're proud of that, as well.

Q. Martina, what motivates you to keep going after such a long time? Are you hungry enough for an Olympic gold? Might we see you in four years?
MARTINA HINGIS: At this point I would not want to comment on this one. I'm very happy on what we achieved today and this week.
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: I'm working on it, though. Four years, I already asked her (laughter).
MARTINA HINGIS: Yeah, no, if you asked me 10 years ago would I be here in Rio, I'd say, You're crazy, because I didn't play for six years.
Being able to play for gold, it's unbelievable. Alongside Timey, we were able to push, lift our level. The Russians were just too good today. Like I said, we had our opportunities. They were just better at the key moments. I mean, they're champions, as well.
We're very proud of what we achieved this week.

Q. Martina, where does this experience stack up against all your other experiences since you've come back to the game?
MARTINA HINGIS: Well, I think today, like I said, it's different when you're winning Grand Slams, No.1 in the world at 16. You think you have another 10 years at least at the top of the game. Now I know it's coming more towards the end, everything is behind me.
Today, the way it is, Timea with me on the court this week, it's the top position I can be. You just take it as a day. That's why we're so emotional, or I was, as well. I think we couldn't have done more than what we did. We made the maximum of our potential.
Of course, at some point you're disappointed. But looking back at the journey, what we had, how we came together, we only take the positive from this week.

Q. Martina, we know you split up with Mirza. I don't know for what reason. May you tell us. Are you going to play with Timea in the next tournaments in the WTA or somebody else?
MARTINA HINGIS: I only will answer the second question. We already talked about it.
I think playing together like this, it was an amazing feeling. I think we really play well together. So it might be possible. I mean, for Timea, the singles is definitely priority. But at some point we might play together somewhere, sometime again.
I think with Mirza, it's all been out there. I commented on that, so you can find it on Google or on Facebook.

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