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August 7, 2016

Bubba Watson

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. 2-under par 68 to finish on this Sunday. How was it for you this week?
BUBBA WATSON: It was very -- it was a weird week, but the ball-striking I loved. I loved the ball-striking. I loved where my head was. You know, the putts, they just didn't go in. A lot of good putts. Last hole managed to leave it short from seven feet, but it was one of those weeks where you could easily see playing great next week or the week after. You know something is coming, and the ball just didn't go in the hole, so my scores didn't show how good I was out there.

Q. The record will show that you just said something is coming, because the week that you have in front of you here is pretty important.
BUBBA WATSON: Exactly. Patrick Reed is going to win -- he's over there. That's why I said it.

But no, it's not about -- golf is such a crazy game that it's not about next week. It could be three weeks from now. It could be three months from now. But at some point we know we're heading in the right direction, so that's the key is it's going in the right direction. Next week might help me get even further in the right direction, or it could happen next week. It's all about getting the putts to go in.

Q. It was fun to hear the gallery chanting to you guys all week and again today.
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, it's amazing. Any time you get the chants USA, we're so lucky to live in the United States, so blessed to live in the United States, to be a part of it, be part of the Olympics now, Rickie is sending me some messages, he sent me some private messages from his family members that I'm not supposed to know about that have meant a lot to him. I think at some point, Rickie is so family oriented, and the same with myself, we'll probably shed a tear or two just saying that we're Olympians. What an honor and a privilege to represent the United States, the country that we love very much, and somehow we're athletes now.

Q. Olympians now.
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, for sure.

Q. If I told you before you teed off that I'd give you a 68, 2-under par, and nine shots from Jim Furyk and he'd still beat you, would you have taken that deal?
BUBBA WATSON: No, because I always feel like I can do better than the 68. But no, it was amazing. I mean, you know what, it was funny to watch the whole -- everybody that hadn't teed off watching and going through the locker room, going through the lunchroom, on the range, talking about what Furyk was doing. It's amazing to see a guy like that -- I would say he's a perfectionist. He plays the golf course the way he plays it. And to see that, the second time shooting in the 50s, what an amazing feat that is. No, it's special. You know when it's something special because all the players are talking about it in the clubhouse there.

Q. Have you ever played with the same guy four rounds during your PGA TOUR career?
BUBBA WATSON: No, it was funny, being Olympians together and flying on a plane together tonight. No, it was quite weird this week. But no, I've done it before. I've done it a few times. But yeah, it was just funny that we're going to the same place next week. There's only four of us from the United States going there, and so two of us played together all four rounds. It's pretty wild.

Q. He joked that it was capital punishment. Do you have a response back to him?
BUBBA WATSON: No, no. You know, I try to take him under my wing, but obviously he's not learning very much right now. But maybe this nine-hour flight we've got I can teach him some more things.

Q. He said he wasn't sure when he's leaving. Do you know your schedule? Do you know the next few days what it's going to be like? Do you have to go through processing or anything like that?
BUBBA WATSON: That part I do not know. My manager, Jens Beck, is already down there, so when I get there, I think we land early in the morning, give or take, 6:00, I don't know. So he's already there at the place I'm staying. Got everything set up. He'll run us through it and then I'm not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow. I'll probably go look at the course, just look at it, and then I'll go check out Olympic Village just because of the feeling of being an athlete, so I'll go check out the fan stuff, be a fan with all the athletes there and getting to meet some guys and girls and watching some of these top athletes and learning from them.

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