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July 30, 2016

Jordan Spieth

Springfield, New Jersey

Q. You've been through this before, so what's your mind-set with the delay and then go into tomorrow?
JORDAN SPIETH: Just wish I could sleep in. Not going to get to sleep in. It will be a wake-up call in the 4:00s.

It is what it is. Looks like there's a chance this could go into Tuesday. So just kind of be as patient as possible and when we get out, we get out, and just try and take advantage when you can.

But there's not going to be the same kind of rhythm and flow; as much as you accept that and kind of change your game plan to let's go ahead and get out there and pretend like we are, probably the best-case scenario.

Q. Aggressiveness change at all?
JORDAN SPIETH: The greens were so wet when we played yesterday morning, that I don't think so. I think we were going to fly balls back next to the hole even with mid-irons. So I think it will just stick even more so. Be nice to have some fresh greens, though.

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