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March 7, 2004

Phil Mickelson


Q. Talk about the weather the last two days versus the first two.

PHIL MICKELSON: Well, the first two days, this golf course was very difficult. Over the weekend without the wind, without us its defense, it played very easy. We saw a ton of birdies. It really comes down to the putter because ball striking was not nearly as imperative as it was the first two days. You just had to get it rolling on the greens, which I obviously did not do.

Q. What was the problem for you?

PHIL MICKELSON: I just had a tough time getting the ball in the hole. I had nine good chances on the front nine and my only birdie was a 2 putt birdie on 8. It really came down to the start, the first two holes. I had two good, 4 footers for birdie to get the round going to just kind of let the leaders know that I was going to be around. When those didn't go in, not only did it hurt my score starting out, but it just hut my confidence on the greens.

Q. What's your schedule coming up?

PHIL MICKELSON: I'm going to play THE PLAYERS. I'll take next two weeks off. I've had a nice go at it playing six of the last seven events. I'd like to be a little more refreshed heading into the Augusta swing which starts at THE PLAYERS.

Q. Can you talk about 18, the way it has played?

PHIL MICKELSON: Well, 18 was brutal into the wind. Today with the tee back and it's downwind, it's still going to make for a very exciting finish. It's not the easiest tee shot. It's 290 plus to get past the corner, so most guys will be playing up the right. It will be a difficult second shot, but not nearly as difficult as it was when it was back into the wind.

Q. Is it the toughest hole you've played so far this year?

PHIL MICKELSON: You could certainly make an argument for it, yes.

Q. Looking at the scores do you think that they need to lengthen this course

PHIL MICKELSON: I think that with the technology that we've had and the ball going farther and so forth, it's not a bad thing to put a little bit more length in. This golf course has been called the Blue Monster because of its difficulty. To put a little more length in it would not be a bad thing. And when the wind switches around, you can alternate tee boxes accordingly. You don't have to play the back tee on every hole when it's dead into the wind. You can alternate.

But when 18 plays downwind, it's nice to have the alternative to scoot the tee back like they were able to do today.

I've enjoyed playing here and enjoyed coming here in the past. People have always been great sports fans, great golf fans. It's been fun to play for them.

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