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July 22, 2016

Jeremy Roenick

Stateline, Nevada

THE MODERATOR: Take us through your round today. I understand two birdies, two bogeys.

JEREMY ROENICK: My game was efficient today. I hit a lot of fairways, hit a lot of greens. But I was very attentive to the greens. The greens are so fast, and I made sure that I didn't put myself into positions where I was going to 3-point until the 18th hole. I had a nice little 10-footer.

I figured I'd have 20 points, either 23 or 20, either one, and the first time I got aggressive I made bogey with a 3-putt. I think that's a good lesson to learn on this golf course; it's very difficult, need to be very monotonous and slow with your pace.

Q. Have you found these greens faster this year so far?
JEREMY ROENICK: Fastest greens that have ever been here.

Q. Really? What are they rolling?
JEREMY ROENICK: Not even close. They're going to get faster. So the fact that it's Friday and the greens are this fast, I mean I started worrying about it in the first hole.

And I said whoever putts the best is going to win this tournament. And there's a couple of guys that are starting to roll the ball pretty well. But I was happy I made two bogeys and two birdies, one 3-putt bogey, put myself in position going into the weekend. That's all I wanted to do.

Q. What do you think they were rolling on the Stimp, how fast do you think they were going?
JEREMY ROENICK: They're probably rolling at a 12. I mean, the way that I saw them going, they're rolling downhill at a 12. There's no question that if you get aggressive, you're going to pay for it.

You have to just hit it and hope that it goes in. And I had a lot of those putts. I had a lot of birdie putts where normally I would really attack, that I became very tentative. And it's hard to play a game like that.

But at the end of the day, two birdies, two bogeys, probably could have been seven birdies. Then again if you get aggressive it could be four bogeys. So I'm happy with it.

Q. You're only one point behind right now, but still a few holes to play, I guess?
JEREMY ROENICK: Those guys are going to play well. I think the leader is going to be around 24. There might be a 22. I'm in the top five. If you're in the top five going into Saturday, you can make a move on Saturday. I think they're going to roll them and the greens are going to be even faster on Saturday. So if you're in the top five, that's a good spot to be in coming into the week.

Q. Jack Wagner, I guess he's the only wire-to-wire winner here. So he has experience in the winner's column?
JEREMY ROENICK: He outplayed me. It's contact verbal golf for me. I'll get into Jack's head. If I can get him on the final round I'll get into his head really quick.

Q. You've been in this position before where you've been in the hunt early on. So how does this feel? Any different than before? Or do you feel like, with the experience you've had there before, that you're going to be able to utilize that in the second and third rounds?
JEREMY ROENICK: I don't think the scores are going to be as deep as they have been. The scores are going to be lower because the greens are so difficult. So you're not going to see your typical 78, 79, 74, 76s.

I truly believe you probably are going to get a 69, 71, 72, it's going to be -- probably win this thing. If it's 72 or 73, that's going to be a tough mark. I'm sitting out there watching these greens and praying that I hit them.

I will tell you, there will be more 3-putts on this golf course and this weekend than the history of this tournament. No question in my mind that's going to happen.

Q. You mentioned the speed of the greens. Other than the greens and maybe getting in Jack's head, what do you think you need to do tomorrow to make sure you're in the final group for Sunday?
JEREMY ROENICK: Today was conservative. I was very really conservative. Made sure I hit fairways. Made sure I hit greens. It didn't really matter where they are.

I think tomorrow it's more, I think, pin placement, where you put the ball on the green. I literally hit to the middle of the green, made sure I 2-putted and got out. You can't win it on the first day but you can lose it on the first day.

And so tomorrow I think is more of a -- is a precision, put the ball close to the hole rather than play safe.

Q. A little bit more aggressive, too?
JEREMY ROENICK: No question.

Q. I think you mentioned the other day that you were a little dinged up or --

Q. Are you surprised with this start?
JEREMY ROENICK: A little bit. A little bit. But then again, no. Pain doesn't bother me too much. It's almost -- I almost enjoy -- I almost enjoy having a little bit of pain involved. It just keeps me -- it reminds me of where I am.

So I have a totally blown SI joint out right now and feel good swinging the club, but if I make a bad move, it's going to tell me you made a bad move.

And it's a good reminder. So, no, I've played with pain my whole life. I'm going to go the rest of my life in pain. So playing golf in pain is no problem.

Q. I'll never forget the jaw shot, the 100-mile-an-hour puck.

Q. Is that it, the SI joint, is that the extent?
JEREMY ROENICK: Totally blown out.

Q. No other injuries?
JEREMY ROENICK: No, nothing, but the SI will hamper all other joints, your back, your hip flexor, your groin, your hamstring. So I just have to make sure -- luckily the chiropractor is over there on the green. So it will be fine. No problem.

Q. So with this perhaps being the most short game/putting tournament in its history, is it any surprise to see Jack Wagner's name up high?
JEREMY ROENICK: No, because his short game is really high and hit putting is really good. He doesn't hit the ball far, but he does hit the ball straight, and he hits the ball in position. So it's perfect for him.

These long ball hitters are going to hit it into positions where they can't get it close because they'll hit it so close to the green and those short little shots, they're going to release. Now you're going to have a long putt.

So Jack's going to have full shots into these greens. So I want my chance at him, that's for sure.

Q. You want an injury report on him when he comes in, should we ask him his injuries?
JEREMY ROENICK: No, I don't want his injuries. I'll injure him myself.

Q. Is this the best round you've shot here or one of the best?
JEREMY ROENICK: No, I've had 26 points after the first day couple years back. 20 points is just a nice conservative number, puts you in the mix. I don't think many people are going to be shooting 26 today. But I've had 26 a couple of times. But tomorrow is a day that you go shoot 24 or 25, 26, because we understand where we are so it's a different story.


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