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July 14, 2016

Kelly Shon

Toledo, Ohio

Q. Bogey-free 67 today. How do you feel about your round?
KELLY SHON: It was just really solid. Pretty steady. Coming in the U.S. Open, you know, obviously really tough course last week. I try to just keep the same mentality, which is just patience.

I think it helped me today.

Q. Is that something you've been working on since the Open?
KELLY SHON: That key word, "patience" has kind of been the theme for my entire year so far. I've been just kind of grinding away, and hopefully I'll be able to keep at it the next few days.

Q. Has been kind of an up and down year for you. Is there anything in particular you've been working on recently that has attributed to this?
KELLY SHON: Yeah. I missed those two cuts, consecutive two cuts back in Michigan and Arkansas. I finally said, I think I need to make a little swing adjustment.

I did. Since then, I've been hitting the ball a lot better. I been putting well pretty much all season, so just that little swing change I think has helped me.

Q. What was that specifically? You don't want to give away your secrets, but...
KELLY SHON: Just at impact I wanted to be a little bit more solid and get my weight more to my left side. That's pretty much it.

Q. Felt pretty good out there today obviously.
KELLY SHON: Yeah. Felt pretty good, yeah.

Q. 4-under; top of the leaderboard right now. Talk about your round, how you think you did out there.
KELLY SHON: Like I said, I think I played pretty solid today. No bogeys. That's probably the biggest thing I'm proud of for today's round.

I did get up and down and made some good par saves. I guess the first day you never know, but I feel pretty good about my game right now.

Q. Speaking of pars, you made par eight of the nine holes on the front, and then you finally got a birdie to finish your round. How did you feel moving forward?
KELLY SHON: Yeah, I think I left a couple birdies out there in between those stretch of holes, but it was really good to finish on a good note here.

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