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July 3, 2016

Jordan Spieth

Akron, Ohio

JORDAN SPIETH: Had a two-way miss going back even -- I felt like I had a two-way miss going back even through Colonial, and that's rare for me. I felt kind of loose in my swing, and I started to really pick lines, trust it, and commit through the ball, be more aggressive through the ball, and today I was able to hit both ball flights with my irons, trust them, and pull them off, which are really good shots that I can take forward. This was a very solid day and a nice progression from the beginning of the week. Each day got a little better, which was what I told y'all I wanted to do from the start.

Q. What's the schedule for the Open? When will you go over there and how much will you practice?
JORDAN SPIETH: The plan is to go over Friday evening, to get in Saturday early afternoon maybe, and probably get out there, and I might chip and putt and hit a few balls, chip and putt on the holes. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do on Saturday. Then I plan on playing 18 at least Sunday, maybe Sunday and Monday, and then nine and nine like I do for the other major championships. It'll be nice to get over there, feel like I'm fully adjusted, when in previous years you kind of get over that jet lag on Wednesday, and all of a sudden, there you go, you're thrown into it.

I hear Troon -- I mean, any Open Championship, it can be really mean or it can be a putting contest. Front nine with the prevailing wind from what I understand, guys go out in 3-, 4-under, and then they turn and they try to mold it together. Pretty excited to play, especially the Postage Stamp. I love playing golf over in the UK. I feel like that style fits my game as well as anywhere, so any time I get to play a new golf course it's a pretty fun challenge for me.

Q. How have Jason and Dustin been to compete against this season?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, really tough. From my position, ideally, I see other guys up winning tournaments, but at the same time it is also motivating to see kind of the success that they're having, and it makes me really want to work harder to get to that level and be the one on these last four holes who could be competing with them today. I very well could have done that this week. Obviously take back one shot and could have been there with what I had. But if I had what I had today tee to green, it would have been no problem up there competing with them. But they were just -- they're on that level. They're consistently on that level, and even when Jason -- I know he's been a little off his game, his little off has been a little better than my little off. Hopefully we both round it into position with DJ here, and we can have a nice battle at the Open.

Q. How often do you look at social media, and where is the tipping point that you feel the need to respond to social media?
JORDAN SPIETH: Only when I'm really bored. Certain locations where there's not a whole lot to do, this week is one where you're just in a hotel. I didn't really have anybody come to the tournament, so I just go back and I'm just sitting there, and you can only flip through so many channels before you're just kind of on your phone.

But I've been working a lot, like I told you guys, working on my mental attitude on the golf course, playing quicker but also doing less talking to hit it, walk up to the next shot, hit it from there.

It's tough to do because you think of the whole round and process as a goal and a challenge, so you get caught up sometimes in your whole goal for the day and how your shot has affected that. But I felt like I did a really good job with that. I felt like yesterday even on the 8, I was kind of shocked at where the ball came down, and before I hit the next shot I had already laughed at whatever, I was already smiling. I thought I was really positive afterwards about the whole scenario.

And in my feed, I follow a lot of obviously golf things, so I'm a fan of golf. I don't search it out for me. But when a headline reads kind of makes triple bogey and blames the hole, I'm like, I don't think that was fair because I talked about that hole last year, the year before, and a video of it Wednesday. I was not blaming the hole after I made an 8. I had already previously said that, and I just happened to just mis-hit a shot.

I certainly don't ever want to go down as a whiner or complainer or anything because we live the life. We truly are very, very lucky to do what we do, and I don't take that for granted and I don't ever want to go down as high maintenance or complaining about any situation, but at the same time, you guys want honesty, and I'll tell you what every single player says is that's a much better hole from 50 yards up.

So I was just a little frustrated with that being out and kind of maybe giving off as me complaining because I didn't perform on that hole. But all in all, I shouldn't really get involved in social media. It doesn't do anything for me. But again, it's rare.

Q. On the pace of play stuff, is it a matter of getting used to a new pace, or are you still trying to quicken things up and make further changes going into Troon?
JORDAN SPIETH: No, I think what I did this week was plenty fine. You know, this was one of the first weeks I haven't had somebody come up and tell us we're on the clock. But I've been paired -- there's a lot of players, you know which players are real quick and which ones take more time, and when a couple of us who normally take a little more time are paired together, it's just probably going to happen.

I don't think I have to make any more adjustments. I think I was pretty gunslinger here, which is kind of the word we're using to speed up. Step up. You've got one or two triggers in your swing ideally, and that's producing the visualization that you quickly do right before you get over the ball.

I don't have to change much. Felt like we did a really good job of it this week. I was waiting and there were people multiple holes behind today. Even Kuch and Kis both had said, man, when did you start playing fast. It is what it is. I was pleased with it this week.

Q. You said last week at Oakmont the trouble was with your scoring clubs and that was the same club, wedge that you hit in the water. Is that the biggest area of concern right now?
JORDAN SPIETH: Possibly, yeah. I need to dial them in more. They were pretty good this week. That shot that I hit was only 12 feet from the hole, just was in the water. But I only missed my spot of landing it, which was -- obviously I should have tried to land it at the hole, but I figure if I did, it was gone, and I was off a little downslope. So there wasn't much of a chance of me hitting it way up in the air and dropping it short of the pin to get it close. I only missed my spot on that lob wedge yesterday by three yards from a perfect spot, maybe five yards from where I was really trying to hit it, so maybe six yards as a professional, you shouldn't miss by five yards or you're going to be out of position. And if you do, you'd better miss on the other side.

Yes, to answer your question, those can continue to be dialed in, but I was much better this week than I was at Oakmont with them.

Q. You said you got better every day and you got more comfortable with the accelerated pace that you're trying to implement. Are the two married in any sense?
JORDAN SPIETH: They seem to be. Time will tell. I take my time on the greens, and I believe I'm the best putter in the world, so whatever I'm doing on the greens, I'm going to keep doing.

This is more just when I'm at a shot -- and it doesn't mean I won't step off because the wind changes or whatever, but when we've got the yardage and enough with the questions to Michael, do you like this, do this, do this. I know how to play golf. I've been playing it since I was that tall. It's more when you get there, you get the number, you get the wind. We know what it's playing, which we get all that like that, just step up and hit it. I thought we did that this week.

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