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July 1, 2016

Jordan Spieth

Akron, Ohio

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, just didn't hit that many fairways but held it together, again, to remain in a good position for the weekend.

Q. You said yesterday you had to shore up some of your ball-striking. Obviously you had your issues finding the fairway at times. Overall was there any improvement?
JORDAN SPIETH: If there was, it was slight. Still need to go work on it. But again, holding a round under par here, hopefully it clicks here soon, and we can shoot a few under on this golf course. I'm certainly capable of it. I feel pretty good about being in the thick of things again.

Q. Are you surprised at all to see a lot of guys have been backing up atop you on the leaderboard, that there hasn't been a lot of movement?
JORDAN SPIETH: No. This is a good 10 to 15 miles an hour constant breeze, and on this course which is already known for being difficult to hit fairways, it makes it even more challenging. Downwind holes it's hard to hold it from going through, and then into the wind and crosswind holes, it's hard to land it in the correct side of the fairway. They have enough pitch to throw it off. Then when you're out of position off the tee and you're in the rough, it's just that much harder to hold the greens.

Yeah, it's just tee to green a very challenging golf course, so I'm not going to look at my statistics and say they're that far off, but compared to my position on the leaderboard, they could still improve a bit. But again, I've got two more days to do it.

Q. When you maybe don't have your best stuff out there, how difficult is it to balance the two things you've been working on, first of all, the mindset and keeping a good attitude, and secondly, playing quicker out on the course, too?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, it's a bit more challenging. The quicker part actually helps me because then I just get up there and fire away. The more I can do that, actually I think the better off kind of gunslinging mentality, just to go up and hit the way I always have played.

But yeah, it's tough on -- again, like I said before, I certainly want to improve the way I am feeling over the ball, but at the same time, recognizing where we're at and how tough it is. I saw yesterday the average, I think, fairway percentage was something like 42 percent and greens was 60 or something, 61. That's not normal. I mean, we're used to seeing those numbers way up.

Recognizing that on this golf course, we're not going to necessarily hit our tops for the year. But it's definitely a bit -- any time you feel a little bit uncomfortable over the ball, it's obviously not ideal, but we're working towards it.

Q. Did you notice that you were becoming more deliberate or did Cameron or someone else bring it to your attention?
JORDAN SPIETH: Cameron -- I mean, I noticed and I'd get plenty of comments on it from other people, hit the ball, you're taking forever, it's too boring. You'd hear it from even the crowd sometimes. You hear everything, though.

But Cameron also mentioned, hey, I think you're going to play better if you just step up and swing. So I'm trying to do a bit of that.

Q. Have you heard that from other players?
JORDAN SPIETH: No. No. Well, I mean, I'll joke with them about maybe, and they'll say, yeah, you are. But that's fine.

Q. How do you think you did on the self-talk today?
JORDAN SPIETH: You know, I thought it was still pretty good. I wasn't very happy with my driver. I wanted to switch to 3-wood at some point during the round, which you just can't do out here. The holes are too long. I wasn't -- off the tee I was certainly getting frustrated, but for the rest of it, again, recognizing where I was on the leaderboard and what everybody else was doing, I couldn't be too upset with those par saves. I almost held a bogey-free round together today, which would have been really special. So yeah, I mean, I played about the same as yesterday, just made that many more putts yesterday.

Q. What was the best par save?
JORDAN SPIETH: Probably the one on 11. I went over into the junk and hit it through a tree and had 60 yards with not much of an angle, hit the pitch to where I needed to, about 12, 13 feet, and knocked it right in the middle, so that was a nice save there. 4 was a good par, as well.

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