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June 30, 2016

Angela Stanford

Portland, Oregon

Q. Great playing today. Bogey-free. You said you've been working on putting recently. How was that today?
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, poana greens are usually not very friendly to me. I just tried to keep doing what I was doing last week.

It's nice to watch the ball go in the hole here. I haven't always played well here, so tried to just put all that on the back burner and see if I could carry it over from last week, and it did.

Q. How did you feel last week? Was it just the putting was working well there too? Everything clicking on all cylinders?
ANGELA STANFORD: I like Arkansas. I like the golf course. It's close to home. I like the greens there. Just a lot of good vibes.

And to finally put a good finish, put three good days together and have a good finish goes a long ways for your confidence out here. It's nice to kind of roll it over and keep going.

And we've played a lot of weeks in a row, but if you can kind of start playing good, then you want to keep going. That's been kind of the case for those two weeks, I think.

Q. Playing so many tournaments in a row, does that wear on you more mentally? Physically? A combination of both?
ANGELA STANFORD: I think it's more mental out here, because every day you have to get up and beat the best in the world. Physically I think you could do it, but just mentally grinding every single day would start to wear on you.

Q. You'll be playing in the morning tomorrow. You think that easier to play, like on the poana greens that kind of come out in afternoons? You think it's easier in the morning?
ANGELA STANFORD: I've never had an easy time on these greens, morning or afternoon. They say it's better in the morning, so I hope so.

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