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June 30, 2016

Jordan Spieth

Akron, Ohio

JORDAN SPIETH: You'd think it would be a momentum swing on the putt on 8, and then it wasn't. Then you would think it would be a momentum swing on the one on 9, and then it wasn't. I'm really struggling right now in my short iron and wedge play when I have to take some off of a shot. I'm not getting the club face square, I'm leaving it dead open. And it's a really tough thing when I'm over it to try and grind through because those are your scoring clubs.

I had full shots in on the last few holes. I had good numbers. I was able to be aggressive on an 8-iron on 14, 6-iron on 15, full lob wedge into 16, and then I had one of those iffy numbers on 17, and I bled it out right and made up for it with the putt, and 18, with that kind of stance, I was able to be aggressive with a lob wedge. So I was able to hit full shots. My full shots today were fine. I really need to find a kind of rhythm. I think I'm still taking my full backswing with almost a decel downswing and not timing it instead of more of a half swing on the in betweeners instead of kind of shortening the backswing and staying aggressive through.

Q. Were you annoyed?
JORDAN SPIETH: You know, it's the same feeling I had the last round or so at the U.S. Open and in practice last week, and I've really been searching. You know, this is kind of a phase that I feel like everyone goes through. Not specifically this, but everyone goes through a little phase of -- a down phase in ball-striking where you're just trying to find something that frees you up to swing through the ball.

Even though my swing with Cameron has all looked the same, I just feel like it's close, I just need something to click. When you're making a lot of putts, that's one way to really help the -- when you feel like the pressure is off. In all honesty, those par saves bode extremely well for my confidence in my swing.

Q. Where would you rate this 68?
JORDAN SPIETH: This is one of the best rounds -- one of the happiest I've -- one of the happiest 2-unders I've ever shot for sure. Yeah, it's up there. I wasn't supposed to shoot 2-under today. Somehow -- and I kind of wish we kept on playing, even though I felt so kind of poor most of the round.

Yeah, pretty pleased right now, and on this course, Michael said it before the round, he said, hey, you shoot 2-under four times, you've got a chance to win this event. So we're at it after one round. At this point there's no pictures on a 68, we just try and shoot it again.

Q. Can you shoot 2-under like this four days in a row?
JORDAN SPIETH: That might be hard. That would go up there with the best putting rounds of my life. No, I would not like to do that. But hey, I mean, my chipping is on, short game is on, and I'm working towards it. I've been hitting a lot of balls. I'm really trying to get out of this little -- just a little lull. That's all it is. Once I find something that clicks, I can run with it.

Q. What's the difference between a lull and a slump?
JORDAN SPIETH: I don't know. A lull is -- I'm really just searching for something that isn't far off, that's real simple, that feels like I'm more compact in my swing that allows me to time it better at the bottom. Again, it really is only taking place on my scoring clubs, but that's where you need them. It's close. It's almost there, and when it clicks, we're definitely in business right now the way the short game is on.

Q. How exhausting is a round like this?
JORDAN SPIETH: You know, the way that I walked around the course today in my head was much less exhausting than some of the rounds of 3-, 4-under I've shot this year. I really walked around it with my head held high the whole time, believing that even when we got a tough break, the wind flipped or whatever it may be or the ball funnels off the green when you hit a good shot, you know, a couple times I was upset at the swing I put on it, but by the time I got to the next shot -- I mean, this was actually not that frustrating, surprisingly.

I just did a great job -- I told Michael before the round, I'm going to start the rest of this year to be a lot stronger mentally than I have been and just not dwell in conversation on each shot. I'm trying to speed up my process, as well, and I think we did that, too.

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