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June 18, 2016

Jordan Spieth

Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Q. You said earlier over par was going to win the championship. Where do you stand on that now given what's been done the first couple rounds?
JORDAN SPIETH: Well, I said that Monday without knowing what the weather would bring, if the course was firm. I still like even par.

I think we're capable of shooting 4 under on the weekend, so that's our goal. That's what we're going to try and do these next two rounds.

Q. In a championship, Open Championship, leaders set themselves up. Ultimately, they tend to come back a little bit. Do you see that as a possibility or something that can enter into the --
JORDAN SPIETH: Certainly. The second you lay off your guard and you try and guide versus, you know, commit to the shots, just having been in that position, it's a lot harder. Especially out here, it would be a lot harder to find the fairways. So once you miss the fairways, you're already behind the eight ball on that hole.

Again, like I said, I think it's even par, which means there would have to be quite a few guys that would have to come back.

The course is firming up a little bit. It's still very playable if you're in the fairways, which means under par can be shot, but at the same time, I'm sticking to our number of even par. If we get there and we don't win, then I'm not going to hang my head whatsoever.

Q. Last question, and you've sort of answered it. The course is starting to firm up again after the rains. You practiced for a dry course, you got a wet course, and you're back to a dry course again. What adjustments are you making again to play this next round?
JORDAN SPIETH: It's nowhere near where it was earlier in the week. Right now it's normal, what I would consider normal, not firm nor wet. So it's going to play somewhere in between those two. You've got to play for a little bit of bounce on the greens when you get something downwind, but at the same time, with a wedge in your hand on the fairway, it can still spin back.

Yeah, it's just going to play like a normal golf course, but you've still got to be below the hole. They're rolling these greens, they're just going to be faster and faster. They're going to bake out. So short par putts are key.

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