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June 17, 2016

Kevin Streelman

Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Q. Feel pretty good about the round?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, it was a nice start. It's interesting as wet as it got, it didn't necessarily get easier. I'd say it just got different than what we've been preparing for. You can actually spin the wedges now, spin your short irons. Makes your to attack points different. The back pin is much more difficult to get to. So it's not necessarily easier. It's just different to prepare.

Q. Talk about yesterday, having to come back today, the rain delays.
KEVIN STREELMAN: You've got to try to (indiscernible). It's a little aggravating. It's tiring is really what it is. 24 hours to finish a round of golf. We're all professional. We've done this many times. It's going to be a long weekend, but we'll get in 72 holes by Sunday.

Q. You've been here since Monday talking to players. (Indiscernible) low round out there. Is this about as low as you think we'll see it? Is it apt to get tougher as it firms up?
KEVIN STREELMAN: If it wind stands down especially tomorrow, there can be good scores tomorrow. You still have to hit fairways. The rough is so penal. That much rain is making it a little thicker at the bottom. If you can hit 10, 12 fairways, all of a sudden you can attack some of the shorter holes with wedges on the par 5s and (indiscernible).

Q. Great start for the tournament for you. Great position to be in, I would say, coming off the first round.
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, I'm very happy with it. I'll go drop the kids at day care. My wife and I have a lunch date, maybe brunch and a movie, get back, prepared around 6:30, to tee off at 8:00.

Q. Days like this are probably nothing new to you, but how much of your rhythm is lost or thrown off with having to go over two days to finish one round and then probably two days to finish a second round?
KEVIN STREELMAN: It definitely can be. I found myself, when I'm over my -- back out there, all right, Kev, it's time. You've got to get your focus. You've got to get your center. You've got to get ready to prepare and perform.

I was able to do that. 8 is playing very difficult today. Used my hybrid in there, my first shot out of the day. And got it to the fairway on 9. I saw that was playing the toughest hole the first round. Hit a great drive and pulled my 5 iron a little bit, had that treacherous first putt. It's so fast down that hill to that green, especially if the wind were to turn the other way. I don't know if you can stop it. A northeastern wind, you can stop it down the hill. I made a nice two-putt. Really happy to get out of here under par.

Q. Is it any different knowing you've got a short morning start and then coming back to play rather than coming back and doing whole 18?
KEVIN STREELMAN: You obviously come back to finish a lot of rounds, but you usually go back out. It's unique. I don't know if I've ever started this late as far as 8:00. Maybe 4:00, 5:00 sometimes, but 8:00 is rare. But you've got to be mentally tough. It's the U.S. Open. The toughest guy is going to win.

Q. Last question for me, anyway. The approach to an 8:00 tee time, I mean, what do you do? What do you think? How do you play it?
KEVIN STREELMAN: I'll do the same preparation I do every round. Try to get here about two hours before, get a quick bite to eat, something in the cardio, get a quick stretch in, get on the range an hour before and do my best for two or three holes.

Q. Thank you, Kevin.

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