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June 16, 2016

Kevin Streelman

Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Q. Minus 1, good start in the U.S. open. Not a complete start. Slowed up by the weather.
KEVIN STREELMAN: It's a little frustrating whenever you've got to deal with this, but it's the same for everybody, and you just got to try and stay mentally tough and stay patient and maintain your rest.

Q. The test of patience; you get started, you stop. You go out there again, have to stop again and then you're trying to get it to the final hole and now you're done.
KEVIN STREELMAN: It is. But these, you've just got to do one shot at a time. You say it all the time, but it's really true, especially in this circumstance. We're going to get 72 holes in eventually. Each shot is going to be very important, especially come Sunday. The only thing I'm bummed about, the golf course was in incredible shape, firm and fast. Now it's going to be a different course this weekend.

You've got to manage were you're going to land the balls, spin it with your wedges. Probably make the rough a little tougher, though, definitely.

Q. What you learned today, highlights overall, how did you feel?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Great start. Stuck it about a foot and a half on 10, my first hole. Kicking birdie. Then made a nice birdie on the par 3 13. So 2 under through 4 and then made a bunch of pars after that , made a great par save at 18. Drove it into a bunker under a lip on 1. Made a bogey there. Other than that, pars coming in, made a nice birdie on 7, my 16th hole.

I'm 1 under, two strong holes to go. I still have a tough par 3 and par 4 in front of me, but hopefully can make two pars or slide a birdie in one of them and who knows, maybe we get out really late tomorrow evening.

Q. Last question. At practice on the dry course in tip-top shape with the rough where it was, kind of got a course that's getting soaked and likely won't dry out too quickly. Does that change what you learned the first three days? Do you go at it as planned?
KEVIN STREELMAN: No, it changes your preparation. That's the hardest part. The way we had to land shots, 1 and 10, you had to land it short of the green and bounce it on. I saw guys spinning it back on 1 and 10. It's a different golf course now. You've got to be prepared for it. I don't think it's necessarily is easier or harder. It's just different. So it's going to take someone who is a chameleon to be able to adjust and there's going to be some birdies to be made, but the trouble's still out there.

Q. Appreciate your time. Thank you.

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