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June 5, 2016

Jordan Spieth

Dublin, Ohio

Q. So were you trying to beat the weather as much as you were any score on your second nine there today?
JORDAN SPIETH: No, just like the last hole there, we thought maybe if we could -- yeah, by the time we got to 9 tee box, we thought maybe we could get it in, but it was looking pretty dark. So thought it probably wouldn't happen.

Q. Jordan, how would you assess the week overall?
JORDAN SPIETH: Decent. Didn't have my best stuff this week, but just kind of didn't make -- didn't make great decisions when I needed to give respect to the golf course, and that's something I'm certainly going to have to do at Oakmont. So I recognize that. We're still running on momentum. Got to get some fresh legs and get ready to go.

Q. Is there one part of the game that you feel needs continued work?
JORDAN SPIETH: Just continued work on my ball striking. I drove the ball well at periods of time this week, but for the most part, driving accuracy has got to really improve, especially going into Oakmont. I'll work hard this week.

Q. You've been at Oakmont and played it. Do you think that your game at Colonial would be successful around those (inaudible)?
JORDAN SPIETH: No. I think it would be successful, but I don't think it would win. I think it needs to be improved, and it comes down to driving the ball. I need to be able to have a comfort level, a comfort shot that I can play off these tee boxes with, whether it be a driving iron or a 3 wood or a driver, something where I feel just a little bit more comfortable.

But I've been working on it since -- you know, after the Masters going forward, and during the Byron and Colonial, I had seven or eight really, really good rounds with it, and I struck it really well at THE PLAYERS. Short game is there. It's U.S. Open ready. It needs to continue to stay there with some extra effort on driving the ball. It needs to be improved from Colonial still.

Q. Are you changing -- are you going to change equipment in some ways going into Oakmont?
JORDAN SPIETH: I don't think so. This driving iron, I've had in place for a while now. I thought about taking it out around the Masters because a hybrid is useful at Augusta. Kept it in and felt comfortable with it. It's a club I think, if it's firm, which I think is what everyone wants at Oakmont, could really be a useful club off the tees and more useful than a hybrid. So that's the only change I could think of.

My wedges, they'll work well there.

Q. Jordan, thoughts on Oakmont, not necessarily just the golf course, but the club itself sort of from a historical perspective?
JORDAN SPIETH: It was one of the cooler -- one of the top couple cool golf experiences I had going and staying there and having dinner and putting on the 9th green, on the putting green, 9th green after dark with the lights on. It's got this really cool history and traditions, but it's still kind of a laid back club compared to others of its caliber. You still drive carts around. You can walk around with a beer by the clubhouse and stuff, which you may not be able to do other places. So it's an interesting place. I've really enjoyed it.

Q. Do you have to do much work around Oakmont? Usually, when guys come in, they overwork during the week. Smart guys don't, they just take their time with some balls, maybe play nine holes. Do you feel you've got enough at Oakmont that you don't have to do much work there?
JORDAN SPIETH: I think I'll do what we did at Chambers Bay, which I'll get in Saturday, probably front load the work early on Saturday, Sunday, maybe a bit extra Monday, and then dial it back. Just hit all the checkpoints and nine holes Tuesday and Wednesday. That's what I did -- I think I went 18, 18, 9, 9, 9, and I didn't feel worn out even at Chambers Bay. Oakmont is an easier walk.

When you get to Tuesday, Wednesday of the U.S. Open, large galleries, and it's just kind of craziness. So it's nice if you're not there quite as long as you feel like you've still got all the checkpoints marked. So that's the plan.

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