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June 3, 2016

Jordan Spieth

Dublin, Ohio

Q. How was it out there today?
JORDAN SPIETH: Good. Tough start, 2 over through 6 outside the cut line, but really rallied. Six birdies in 12 holes, that's one every couple holes. That's a nice ratio out here. Nice to hit some fairways, and when I didn't I was still able to have the ball on the green. I felt like I had enough chances to get in a rhythm with the putter.

Q. Jordan, were you just willing yourself to make the cut? Is that where it starts?
JORDAN SPIETH: No. The more you think about the cut line, the easier it is to hang around the cut line. I looked up at the board when I was at even, and I thought -- you know, I'm 12 back. That's a lot. How can we do our best just to do a little dent in it to maybe make some magic happen after that.

Q. Do you have something in mind tomorrow that you've got to go out and do? And if the course stays -- they're saying we might get rain.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, that will certainly change how aggressive you are. It started to firm up a bit on the back nine, started to bake a little. So if that's the case, I played the course in extremely soft conditions. Presidents Cup is as soft as this course can play. And I've also played it when it's been firm and you've really got to take medicine.

For me, normally I'd say play aggressive on the weekend to try to make a move. I think I need to play more conservative. I hit the ball into some wrong spots early in the round without giving myself any chance at even making a long putt for birdie. So if I pick more conservative targets and really put committed swings like I did the second half of the round -- again, my putter, I feel great over the ball with my putter right now. I just need to have more chances.

Q. Jack's whole deal with this course is he wants to make you guys think about your shots.
JORDAN SPIETH: I think that's what everyone wants to do with their golf courses. Yeah, there's a lot of tricky shots. Every hole has one shot that really challenges you to not miss it on either side. Most of them are tee shots. Driving the ball better would be key, but greens in regulation are going to be something -- that statistic is what I need to improve on this weekend.

Q. Jordan, we've talked to you for two months about blocking out what happened at the Masters. How quickly do you have to block out winning last week and get the focus back to this week?
JORDAN SPIETH: I don't think so. I don't think I have to block it out. I don't think that does anything negative for me. I think that, knowing that we can make the birdies in streaks like we did at Colonial -- and even today, I went almost three in a row and then three in a row through nine. Went 7, par, birdie, birdie, and then another three in a row after that. So we're capable of doing that. I think drawing on last week can only help.

But, yeah, it is a different position. I was at or near, even closer to the lead last weekend. So quite a bit of work to do here. It's not a bad place to be being able to put more aggressive swings on it versus really trying to almost guide tee shots if you're in the lead out here. That can get you in trouble.

Q. Jordan, Emiliano Grillo is 11 under. You came up with him. What do you want to say about his game and him?
JORDAN SPIETH: He has one of the best golf swings, best strikers of the golf ball I've ever seen, one of the best ball flights. He has since he was 14, 15 years old. He's a good friend. He's a lot of fun to be around. Seems to be rolling his putter nicely this week too.

He putts really well on faster greens. He puts a really smooth stroke on it, and I think, when the greens are slower, if you have a really smooth stroke, sometimes it's harder to adjust to the speed, especially mid-rangers trying to judge the speed on the break. I think it's a really good course for him for his flight. So no surprise there at all.

Q. Jordan, one more short game question. How did you and Michael come out with your whole (indiscernible) bet?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, it's a 20. We started because Jason Day and Colin did it. We started it in 2013, in the playoffs we were playing with him. So we set a number for the next year, and last year I had 20, I think.

Q. So that's why you made 20 the --
JORDAN SPIETH: That's why we made 20 the number, which is going to be probably too hard to get there. I'm at 8, I think. Majors double.

Q. You're at 10.
JORDAN SPIETH: No, we are at 10. He gave me 2 for the chip-in last week.

Q. He gave you two?
JORDAN SPIETH: He gave me an extra one.

Q. Did you hear Jason and Colin talking about it and say, hey, what are you guys doing?
JORDAN SPIETH: I can't remember exactly, but it was something like that.

Q. It's very motivating.
JORDAN SPIETH: You don't have to twist our arm for us to nitpick a small wager with each other.

Q. Is a hole in the same as a chip --
JORDAN SPIETH: He used to give me double if it was over 100 yards, and he took that away after the first year. Now he just doubles if it's a major.

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