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May 30, 2016

Billy Donovan

Oakland, California: Game Seven

Q. Billy, did you cut down on the number of people you sent to the offensive glass in Game 6? Was your strategy the same throughout the series?
BILLY DONOVAN: No, it's been the same. A lot of that is going to be positioning on the floor, where guys are located. Obviously if we've got bigs near the basket, we're going to certainly keep them there and try to offensive rebound. But also, the urgency to have to get back in transition how well and how quickly we shoot the threes becomes very important too.

So guys behind the three-point line, running in from there, really makes you vulnerable if you don't come down with that rebound on the back end.

Q. Will you at all watch the minutes tonight, Russ [Westbrook] and Kevin [Durant] in particular, or is it all hands on deck?
BILLY DONOVAN: I'll watch minutes just based on fatigue, how guys are feeling and how they look while they're out there, but we're going to use everybody as need be. I think we're in a good place physically right now, knock on wood. But I certainly think with the physicality of the series, the speed of the series, playing as many games as we have in a short period of time, I think you want to be mindful where guys are at fatigue-wise.

Q. Before the series began you talked about that mentality you need playing in a hostile road venue. Do you bring that up again and point back to the way you guys came out in Game 1 here?
BILLY DONOVAN: Oh, absolutely. I think there's incredible emotional swings in the series, and I think how we respond to those emotional swings is very, very important in terms of getting prepared and ready to play the next game. We've obviously played here two times during the regular season and then this will now be the fourth time. So our guys have an understanding of what they're walking into tonight.

Q. In a game like this, do you give your guys, for lack of a better term, a pep talk like in the movies or is it just lay it out --
BILLY DONOVAN: Knute Rockne? (Laughing) No, no, I think the biggest thing is just trying to keep them focused on what is in front of them right now. I always said this year, when you come out of a win or a loss, there are always residual effects from competition the next day. We just need to keep in sight and keep in perspective the opportunity that's been granted to us to play. When we signed up for this, it was a seven-game series, so it is seven games right now. And we have an opportunity and all we want to do is put our best foot forward and play to the very best of our ability right now.

So I think coming out of Game 6, I was really encouraged by the spirit of our guys and understanding and trying to regroup and trying to move forward, and trying to grow and get better and learn from what happened. And hopefully perform and play better tonight.

Q. You talked in the beginning of the series about the difference between the NCAA Tournament, win or go home situation and then this. Do you have any comfort with going to something that is much more similar to what you've experienced in your coaching career?
BILLY DONOVAN: Yeah, I mean, I don't know. I've been in these situations quite a bit in college. I'd say it's a little bit different from the standpoint that we played six games, so there are different things that happen during the course of the series on both ends. So I've been in these situations, but I think it is different, obviously at this level, than it is in college. There is no question. But I think our guys understand what we're playing for, and I know Golden State does too.

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