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April 10, 2016

Paul Casey

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Excellent start to the week, excellent finish. Give us your verdict overall?
PAUL CASEY: It was pretty good. I got right to bit with the wind as the week went on regained it today. Just lost the ball‑striking a little bit in the second and third round. It's difficult really if you don't have the speed control, trajectory control and you're not hitting your numbers, it's really difficult.
And so that's where I struggled. But it was a great round today. I wanted to go really low and still found it incredibly difficult, but really, really happy with 67.

Q. How do you assess Jordan's game?
PAUL CASEY: I haven't done so much thinking about it, because in the past the way Tiger used to play it was a different way of playing. The way Bubba played was a different way everybody else played it. And Dustin Johnson this week, as well, places I can't fathom. I'm usually chipping out of.
But Jordan is not‑‑ he doesn't have that, he doesn't have that hitting it to a different place. He doesn't have that length. So it's just an unbelievably strong mental game and a consistency and a trust in his ability to keep rolling putts in, which is just phenomenal.

Q. Someone said it's kind of annoying to you guys, playing with him. Also said it was impressive at the same time.
PAUL CASEY: I was too busy trying to shoot low on Thursday and I was too busy hacking out of the trees on Friday to notice what was going on. It was very impressive. It would be annoying if you were playing match play. It would be over in about 8 and 7, wouldn't it? It would be a short day.

Q. How would you rate his golf IQ compared to most guys or just in general?
PAUL CASEY: You've got to remember everybody out here has an incredibly high golfing IQ. I'm not sure it's that, it's just‑‑ because we saw on Thursday, he could take a 6‑under, he missed some shots. By his standards he would say it probably wasn't a good shot into 1, three feet. It was not a good shot on 4th tee, three feet. And you're short of the bunker off of the fourth tee. 16 he almost hit the TV tower. 12 feet in. So it's just that trust in his short game, and unwavering faith in it.

Q. You came through in a wave of new English players of 15 years ago. You look at Danny Willett, do you see similarities there?
PAUL CASEY: I hope we're not changing the guard just yet. Give us another five years or so.

Q. Any similarities?
PAUL CASEY: Similarities? Yeah, we've done pretty well right now. When we came through we played in the Tiger era, which was fantastic, it also limited the opportunities you had. They don't have that now. And I think Jordan is not making it wide open, but it's a little bit ‑‑ scrap this week, there are more opportunities out there. So I don't think we need to say anything.

Q. What's the goal now?
PAUL CASEY: Top 15 before July 11th. I don't think Danny is going anywhere. I would desperately like a Great Britain track suit.

Q. You said earlier in the week the position on the Ryder Cup might change if you had talks with appropriate bodies. Has anything happened this week?
PAUL CASEY: No. Something has got to move. So that's either the number has to move, the number of events‑‑ the minimum number of events or a major victory.
The other thing which I forgot to add which I'll add now, is when Max gets older. When Max is off to school then it's very, very different. So one of those things changes then I have the ability to look at it and go, golf will work now. Before one of those things happen, Max isn't going off to school just yet.

Q. How would this round rank among the rounds you've had at Augusta, is it the best?
PAUL CASEY: Apparently it's my lowest. Although I think I've had 68 before quite a few times, but I think I've had better, stronger rounds in I think tougher conditions. But then again final round just feels so good. I'm pretty sure I shot a 68 after a poor first round, maybe playing with Tiger one year, I have to go back‑‑ that feels good, to play with the world's best and beat him, you know. But this one is up there.

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