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April 7, 2016

Phil Mickelson

Augusta, Georgia

Q. So a little bit of an up‑and‑down day today. How would you describe your round?
PHIL MICKELSON: I actually thought it was kind of a patient round. I accepted bogeys when they came. I knew that there would be some birdie opportunities. I thought I played a good round to shoot even par. I know that guys are scoring low and it's certainly possible, the greens are soft and receptive, and the wind isn't really affecting the ball on the greens too much, because the greens are sitting a little bit lower than the trees, but I would have taken even par starting the day. I played well to do that.
I gave myself a lot of birdie opportunities, didn't make many of them. But there are guys that have shot under par, that have scored low but we're going to have difficult conditions for three day, nobody's going to keep that pace up and if I just shoot a few under par each day from here on out I still have a good chance on Sunday.

Q. Are you going to change your game plan at all for tomorrow?
PHIL MICKELSON: I don't know why I would. I mean, it's going to be very similar to today, just try to hit the ball in the right spots and take advantage of the pin placements that they give you birdie chances.

Q. Is there a stretch of holes here where, when the wind is up, it gives a few more problems than any other?
PHIL MICKELSON: I don't think that the wind up gives me more of a problem than anybody else, but I think that the 12th hole gives everybody a big problem because of the way it, it's not, since it's into the, into the, you're feeling it into your face on the tee and then the second half of the shot it's blowing down and a lot of guys are missing it long on that hole.
I tried to compensate and I got very lucky the ball stayed on the bank. I don't think I've ever had that happen. So, it was one of the best break that I've had.

Q. We were listening to Tom that the swirling winds were a challenge out there today, the second shot you were waiting for awhile on No. 2. What was that challenge like? Was it the wind there or was it just kind of just that second shot approach?
PHIL MICKELSON: The challenge wasn't waiting, it wasn't the wind, the wind was right‑to‑left and helping, if anything. But it was just deciding where I wanted to be. I wasn't going to be able to really get on the green, I didn't think, from as far back as I was. So it's, do I want to hit 2‑iron short left or do I want to hit 3‑wood kind of left back? I certainly didn't want to go right, where I hit it. I hit it in a bad spot.
When you do that, you kind of just have to take your, take the medicine, if you will. And I gave myself a 20‑footer for birdie, but I didn't have much of a chance to get it close. And that was just a mistake on my part missing it in the wrong spot.

Q. How hard is that first green to start out with when compared to the other greens out here. There was a 7 putt out there today and so your thoughts?
PHIL MICKELSON: It's a difficult one. It's a difficult one. Either the wind is blowing downhill on 1, so when you get behind the green you're going down hill and downwind so there's nothing to stop it or it will run right off. It's a tough opening hole. It never used to be like that. It used to kind of give you, get you going a little bit. Now it's one of the three or four most difficult holes on the golf course and actually, I just love starting with a par. I don't even think about trying to birdie the first hole out here any more.

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