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April 3, 2016

Phil Mickelson

Humble, Texas

PHIL MICKELSON: No, I hit a poor shot. Cut a little 8-iron there. I was 6 feet right of the pin, but it wasn't enough to carry it. To play safe from the water, you got to go 30 feet right of the water to take it all out. Hit a good shot. Came up short and unfortunately went in the water. But that's the way a lot of the holes are. You got to take on a lot of risk if you want to make birdies.

Q. What do you take from the four days here to Augusta with you, with your game?
PHIL MICKELSON: Hit a lot of good shots and, you know, it's tough to use this week as a barometer for next. The reason is every tee shot here after the first hole has a hazard left to right on every single tee shot; at Augusta there's very few. There's one tee shot that has it. So, at Augusta you're swinging hard, hitting drivers, and I don't want to come out here and hit 3-woods off every tee. I hit drivers and hit a lot in the hazards. That's the way it is. I thought my iron play was pretty good. I putted pretty well. I'm pleased with the way I'm playing. I think the course next week will set up a little bit better.

Q. You've been a regular here. Do you still continue to believe it's good to get a tournament in before you go?
PHIL MICKELSON: That's why I like to play here. It gets me competitively sharp. I'm not playing most strategic shots to win here. 18 is a great example. If you're going to play that hole, you got to take the water out of play and go right. I was right of the pin but still went in the water. I'm going to play the way I want to make -- the way I'm going to play next week. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. I felt like I hit a lot of good shots this week and feel like the course next week sets up a little bit better for my game.

Q. The style of play?
PHIL MICKELSON: The style of play here is totally different than Augusta. The rope is at 300 yards or so off the tee, everything pitches in here and every tee shot has a hazard in play. I've been in every single hazard on this golf course over the years. I know exactly where they are. To play this course effectively, you got to hit a lot of 3-woods, play more defensive. At Augusta, though, you have to step on the driver, and so I hit a lot more drivers here this week than I would if I were really focused on trying to win this week. I'm more focused about hitting shots for next week. I tried some cut drivers like on 13, I hit a couple of good ones, hit some bad ones, but I needed to get that work in on a competitive environment. I love playing the week before because you get competitive, but I didn't make -- I didn't make the smartest play. My course management for this course isn't going to be great. The shots that I was playing this week are going to set up a lot better next week.

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