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April 3, 2016

Jordan Spieth

Humble, Texas

Q. You thought a low one might be there and through 7, 8 holes it certainly looked that way. How do you break down this final day?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah. Tough. I mean, I had it going there and then unfortunately shot 2-under. It could have been -- I mean with conditions today, 2-under was a very average score. So, a very disappointing finish.

Q. Check a lot of boxes heading into next week, what do you take from this?
JORDAN SPIETH: Everything is checked. I need to put it together and not hit every ball in the water. I hit -- I had eight water balls this week. Give me eight more shots and we win the golf tournament. Don't hit it in the water, we win. It's unfortunate. You know, good news is I got myself in contention, I felt the nerves, I know what I needed -- I know what I need to work on under pressure now for next week and everything is there. I just need to put it all together and limit the mistakes. 5-over par holes that needs to be limited going into a Major.

Q. How do you eliminate those mistakes? What do you do for the next four days to get ready?
JORDAN SPIETH: There's certain things I know I got into there when the pressure was on that kind of led to those bogies. I'll talk with Cameron, kind of go through it. Work next week just to kind of eliminate the shots that came out of it. But, yeah, I mean obviously with the way the round was going, really was expecting a better finish and coming off a double bogey on the last hole and speaking to you guys two minutes later doesn't make me in a good mood. So, when it settles down, I'm sure everything is going to be fine. Everything is there. I saw some putts go in today and that's what I needed.

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