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April 2, 2016

Jordan Spieth

Humble, Texas

Q. Do you feel like there were some shots that were just left out there today?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah. I felt like I played well. You know, we had just an unreal -- some unreal wind flips on the first 6, 7 holes where supposed to go one way, we strike it, and just, you know, it was flipping back and forth. We were on the wrong end of about six in a row, and it's really tough to stay patient through that because I was putting good swings on it.

Obviously, you know, I got to limit the water balls, too many of them. But I'm playing really, really solid golf, and it just has yet to come throughout -- come through in a score of 6, 7-under. Hopefully that means we're saving them for tomorrow and next week. Certainly feel that my game is there.

Q. What did you see on the first putt on 18?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah. It fooled me. I had a couple putts fool me today. That happens every day, everywhere. It glided along there when you try and play the wind when it's blowing because it makes a very significant difference if the greens are fast and, you know, it just kind of died down and the putt just, you know, ended up a lot straighter.

Q. Are you feeling any more comfortable with your putting stroke?
JORDAN SPIETH: Definitely a little more today. Did some good work yesterday or a little bit of work yesterday and some more this morning. It's close. You know, seeing some go in is really what's going to make the difference, seeing some in tournament play. I'm going to need to make some tomorrow and I got to be aggressive on the greens, but at the same time, aggressive strokes with the right speed on the ball instead of longer backstroke to shorter through. In fact, I need to find the timing to feel like I'm aggressively striking the ball, but it's still, you know, just getting a foot past the hole, if that makes sense.

Q. Overall, do you expect to attack the course the same way tomorrow?
JORDAN SPIETH: Looks like we're going to get very light and variable winds. We're going to get on the good end of some breaks here, and, you know, I ended up plugged, you know, in the lip of a couple bunkers. I really had four hazard balls today. Take away the four shots and it very easily could have been taken away and it's 6-under par. That probably would be the best score of the day. If I look at it that way, we're in good shape.

Q. Are you just looking on how you play versus where you are?
JORDAN SPIETH: The golf course played similar to yesterday, which is tough scoring conditions.

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