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April 1, 2016

Phil Mickelson

Humble, Texas

Q. Phil, another under par today, very different conditions. How would you describe this effort here on Friday?
PHIL MICKELSON: It was a more difficult round, but still the golf course is very fair. The greens are receptive and I made one or two mistakes that ended up costing me a few strokes that I just can't -- I just can't do. But I'm playing well enough to where there's a really low round in me and I got a good feeling about the weekend.

Q. What are the challenges with this golf course when the wind changes and it gets cooler, how does it play differently?
PHIL MICKELSON: You just have to be a little more patient with some of these pins because, you know, visually it doesn't look as intimidating because you got a lot of grass around the greens. It's all shaved and all kicking into bad spots. So, you have to be patient and on some holes take 30, 40 feet. I made the mistake of trying to get to a pin on 6 because I thought I had the right shot and club. It ended up costing me 2, 3 shots. That type of thing you just can't do because there are birdie holes here, short par-4s and reachable par-5s. Your make a lot of birdies if you're patient.

Q. 6 back. You say you like what you're doing. What's the plan of attack to try to move up the leaderboard?
PHIL MICKELSON: I'm playing pretty good golf I feel. Just a fraction off. I have a feeling it's going to click.

Q. How do you assess the day?
PHIL MICKELSON: It was a more challenging round of golf today, but it's still very fair the way the greens are receptive. Even though we have wind, we're still able to get the ball stopped on the greens and still a very fair test. Unfortunately I made a couple of mistakes today that cost me a few strokes and prevented me from working my way up the leaderboard. I'm 4-under par, 6 shots back, and I've got a good feeling about the way I've been playing, the way it's been trending, and I'm excited about this weekend.

Q. How important was it for you to kind of finish strong with a birdie at 16 and par down the stretch, tough holes?
PHIL MICKELSON: Nice to shoot an under par round today. I had made a few mistakes. I hit enough good shots today where I felt I should have had a round in the 60s. To shoot under par was still a positive sign, but I've got some work to do this weekend but fortunately I feel like my game is right there.

Q. How important was it to finish today, that second round?
PHIL MICKELSON: It wouldn't have mattered either way. I think had I come back out early in the morning and finished up the round, that would have been fine, too. I would have spent the day practicing before the third round. So, either way it was fine, but it was nice to get in, and I'll still use the morning to come out and get sharp and hopefully have a good round.

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