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March 31, 2016

Jordan Spieth

Humble, Texas

Q. I don't know if "satisfied" is the word. Are you pleased with the way the round went?
JORDAN SPIETH: Solid round. Feel like I said yesterday in the Press Room, that my game is there. It's very close. I came off a solid week last week, which just one kind of, you know, off round against Louis. We were able to get some work in with Cameron and continue what we've already been trying to trim that fat going into this week and next. So, solid round. Really wished I could have gotten a little more out of the par 5s and I made the sloppy bogey with a lob wedge in my hand. That kind of stuff we can improve on this week. Hit some good putts that didn't quite go. It's 5-under and I'm in this tournament and we'll see what the conditions are like tomorrow, but it looks like scoring will be a little more challenging this week.

Q. We talked earlier in the week about the mechanics of getting ready for next week. You wanted to be out there and competitive and hit golf shots. From that perspective, forget the score, how did it feel to get out there?
JORDAN SPIETH: Great. Great. I drove the ball fantastic today. Really felt comfortable on my iron shots. I had some in between numbers which led to being about 30 feet from the hole instead of closer. There's nothing you could do about that. You either get good numbers or bad and play to the safe spots. I had very, very good control of my golf game and my short game was there today as well. So, hit a couple putts a little hard and get the right numbers in the fairways and we'll look to improve on that this week.

Q. How does one round hopefully lead to two and then into the weekend?
JORDAN SPIETH: Just keep doing the same thing. I mean it's that simple. I've hit the ball the way I hit it today this whole week and last week. Just go to the range tomorrow, get in the same exact routine, and pending some lack of rain or wind, you know, it will still be there, and whatever it may be we'll go ahead and play through the conditions. This golf course is already long enough. If it starts to rain more, you've got to be patient.

Q. How do you feel like it held up, this golf course?
JORDAN SPIETH: It's beautiful. One of the best manicured golf courses we ever see. There's not a blade of grass out of place. It really is pretty impressive to do this in the state of Texas with the crazy weather we get.

Q. Jordan, how does the length and set-up of this course help you prepare for Augusta?
JORDAN SPIETH: You know, the grass type, the shots you're hitting off the fairways are very similar. Lot of kind of slightly into the grain, overseeded-type grass. Just feels similar when you set the club behind the ball. Bigger holes, bigger doglegs. Here it forces you actually to play away obviously from the water, but the greens aren't as severe when you miss a shot. So, into the greens this hole can be -- or this course, I'm sorry, can be very challenging because almost every single hole you got to avoid one side or the other, which kind of prepares you for the Masters. Not that there's water, a lot of water at Augusta, but one side is normally dead. So, very much have to commit to a certain target out here.

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