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March 29, 2016

Timea Bacsinszky

Miami, Florida


4-6, 6-3, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You won two matches against Top 5 players in the past couple of days. You must feel very good about your chances here in Miami.
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: Well, you know, the ranking is only a number, so sometimes you can play very good, better than your ranking, and sometimes less good than your ranking is.

So for the next match, I mean, obviously for sure it gives me a big confidence to have those two wins, but it doesn't change that I'm going to have a fierce opponent and it's going to be tough.

I just hope I'm going to be able to play well -- I mean, not especially well, but be efficient in the next match. Hopefully I win the last point. If not, then it's okay. I'll try for the next tournament.

Q. Are you satisfied with what you have done already? I think you want to go higher, right?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: I mean, I'm never satisfied. Probably that's why I'm working so hard every day. On a day off, a day off a match, at home when no one sees it.

So I believe that we can all be limitless if we don't set ourselves limits. So don't worry, I'm not satisfied with what I did.

You're going to probably see me around in the next years as well because I love what I do. I'm just going to try to improve and to be better every week, every day, every month, every year.


Q. Today, like yesterday, you lose your first set, and then second set you start to have like kind the click. I don't know what is happening. Is it like more mentally or physically? Are you having the rhythm and you start playing?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: It was way different yesterday and today how I was feeling on the first set. Yesterday I wasn't really feeling my rhythm at all. I wasn't having any timing during the first set.

Today I started quite well the match. I think I should have or I could have lead maybe 2-Love, even though I didn't have break points or something like that.

I was making some right decisions and it was bothering her a lot, but I wasn't putting the balls in. I was missing more. But I think I start really well, really strong, but at the end she was leading 2-1.

I was like, Okay. Well, try to regroup and try to, I don't know, make something -- like try to put the those balls maybe not five centimeters out but five centimeters in. Try to be more patient and go for the winner later on or try to go at the net at the right moment.

But I was feeling that I was really in the match, even though in the first set we both didn't play our best tennis. But she ended up winning it. I don't know if it was by far or by not point-wise. Actually, I didn't care. I was just telling myself, Okay, all right. I'm going to be there in the second set. I know better how I can turn it around. Maybe it's going to happen; maybe not. But at least I know what I can do.

Well, in the second set I think I was pushing her to play long rallies. I was like probably trying to hide where I was playing; then she was like -- she couldn't be able to guess if it was on the backhand or the forehand.

Well, even though I felt that she raised her level and her intensity at the end the second set, I stayed -- I'm happy that I stayed really strong. I felt that she was like going up, pushing, pushing, but I showed that, Okay, I'm here. I know you're pushing, but I can keep the level.

Then it helped me a lot for the third set. I raised then probably my intensity at the beginning of the third set and it made a big gap between us.

Q. There has been so much talk about the conditions here, and you've played two three-set matches on back-to-back days. How are you feeling physically right now? Is it just the adrenaline kicking in in some of those third sets a little bit?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: I mean, I believe in hard work. I work hard and I -- things are not happening like by luck when you're in the elite of a sport.

There is no, how do you say, magical potion, magical spell, or whatever. It's work, commitment.

But the conditions, it's been quite different. All of my matches have been -- one day it was hotter; the other day it was more humid. It was all the time different. I'm lucky to be able to adapt quite well to any conditions.

I believe that all of the matches are long, so even if you lose the first set, it's long, So I have time to adapt. Well, if I don't adapt, then I'm going to work harder for the next tournament and that's it. Try to be better for the next time.

But I think it's because I'm well-prepared as well that I could win those two matches like, how do you say, not back-to-back, but after the other one. Sorry. I don't know. Probably tired. Too much talking. I'm pretty bad in English if I'm tired, so I hope I answered your question.

Q. What has been working well for you this couple weeks? Obviously it's not an easy draw. You had a difficult draw to the semifinals. What have you been doing that's been working more these two weeks than maybe start of the season or even in Indian Wells?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: Like I talk to you in Australia and I told you I wasn't competitive when I was in Australia. I went there because I know that I had to at one point start again to play, even though it was -- I was coming back from a quite like bad injury.

Even at the Fed Cup I knew my level was already quite good. Then I was sick; bad luck. But it was kind of like frustrating. So I just stayed -- I tried to calm down, and my whole team helped me a lot for that as well not to be like waiting all the time results, but looking long term-wise and doing the hard work every day to commit.

Well, at least you know it might happen once, but I put all the chances only my side. I went back to work; I push myself a lot. It wasn't easy. I'm still going to do it as well tomorrow even if I have a day off because I would like just to get better.

I think I physically got back more or less where I was I don't know last year. I'm slowly getting it back. It feels great to be able to win four matches in a row, especially that I played yesterday and it's the first time I played two days in a row and I'm able to win against such a great player.

So it shows me that I'm on a good way and that we're working well. Gives me, yeah, a lot of motivation also for my future.

Q. Wondering about your friendship with Lara Gut, the skier that left yesterday. Was she really your lucky charm and what did she bring and how did you guys become friends?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: Well, actually she left today. She had to move her flight yesterday, but she wanted to. She said, It's all right. I can go to ski on Thursday. Even if the season is over, she needs to test the new materials or like to, how do you say, develop with her sponsors the material, the skis and stuff. I'm not an expert in ski.

Well, it's funny, because we met in 2009, and like I knew already who she was; she knew who I was. Switzerland is quite small, so if you're a sportswoman or sportsman, usually the other sportsmen and sportswomen know you somehow.

Well, we were not like super friends before. We never got a chance to meet each other more as well. Well, I stop playing also for a while. Obviously it brings the chance to see each other really low.

I'm so bad in English right now. Cut, cut. Don't film me. I feel so embarrassed.

Actually we were writing each other on Twitter sometimes. We have the same manager. It's quite new. She started to work with my manager last year.

Well, she started to tweet some stuff when I did well at the French Open, and when she was winning some big competitions or races I was tweeting something.

Then she just texted me on Friday. She knew already that Sunday would be -- like last Sunday she would win the Crystal Globes. She said, Okay, it's over, but on Monday I have to escape. I have to go away. Can I come to Miami? Well, for sure. Be my guest. Come here. It's all right.

Well, she landed here and she just took a week off. Because, you know, with all the excitement about skiing, in Switzerland it's quite big. You only Lindsay Von. You should know more. Even though Lindsay is an awesome character, and I really respect her whole career, Lara is doing something amazing as well.

She just wanted to escape. I'm like, All right. Just come here. We didn't tweet anything for couple of days because it was kind of like secret where she went. No one knew it. I felt like honored. I was like, What? Am I the only one knowing that?

And then we got to know each other way, way more many. It's funny to talk about sport and to like exchange what you feel during a race, what do I feel during a match. We have so many things to talk about. It gives many, many new perceptions, views on sports. It was really, really interesting for me. Yeah, lucky charm for sure.

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