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March 24, 2016

Bubba Watson

Austin, Texas

BUBBA WATSON: Very tough. The wind tricked both of us on some shots, especially on the back nine. It got me. It knocked one of my drivers down. Pushed one a different direction than we thought.

On 17, the same thing. We were guessing one wind direction, but my ball decided to do different. But luckily, I finished it off on the last hole. I hit some quality shots in a tough situation and pulled it off today.

Q. Tomorrow it could be you have got to win or go home. What mentality does that put you in?
BUBBA WATSON: The same as the last couple days. We don't want to tie. For pride, we want to win. No matter where we're going, if we're going home or if we're staying here with a win, we still want to win.

For me it's going to be against a good friend, J.B. Holmes, partner in the Presidents Cup. Hopefully I can have the last laugh and beat him. I just want a good match. I don't want to give it to him. I'd love to have it where I played great and lost, if I lose.

Q. First of all, you have been around the course a few times. Talk about what you like.
BUBBA WATSON: It's a great golf course. It's a great match play golf course, especially with this wind. Any score can win. You are look looking at a double bogey. I was losing and No. 8 Grillo hooked it in the trees, had a tough chip out trying to get towards the green and made a double bogey. I make a par. So there's a lot of scores that can be had that wins holes. So it's a great match play for the windy conditions like this. Tough golf course.

Tomorrow will be interesting if it really does come with less wind to see what we can play around here. It's a beautiful golf course, well manicured and two different nines. So it's a fun test.

Q. A different version of what he asked you, for people who don't get a win on day one, does it change your mindset coming to the second round for guys who halved or lost? Does it change anything?
BUBBA WATSON: No. Obviously I'm going off my own experience, my own opinions. It doesn't change much because even if I had lost the first two matches, you want to win. For pride, you want to go home with a win. It doesn't matter if you're going to move on or if you can't move on, you still want to win. Nobody is going to hand you a match. You want that for pride.

Me getting to halve the first day is a lot better than losing. It gave me half a point that's very needed for a playoff or for advancing.

Q. You touched on it a minute ago, but just the way that this finished, perfect setup shot, right at the green, 18 to finish it off. Do you get confidence out of that?
BUBBA WATSON: No. I'd rather made a par and finished on 17. I played quality shots yesterday. I was 1-up yesterday and the man laid up and hit a perfect iron shot and made a perfect putt and tied me.

Today just to do what he did yesterday, I guess you would say, it feels good. It feels good to close one out and get a point. So no matter what, I can say I won one match this week. It feels good when you win instead of a tie or a loss..

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