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March 18, 2016

Paul Casey

Orlando, Florida

Q. Great to see 69 today. How much of this performance comes down that you actually love this course?
PAUL CASEY: I do. You know, I was very fortunate to gain a couple of invites through Mr. Palmer in my career. I've always loved this golf course. It's a golf course I thoroughly enjoy. It fits my eye. I love it and it's certainly a challenge a week which I'm enjoying.

Q. This is at 16, the par 5.
PAUL CASEY: Big driver down there. Just over 170 yards. I hit a 7 iron. I played well. Didn't finish -- wasn't great on accuracy today with my eyes.

Q. This was 17, a very good par.
PAUL CASEY: My 3rd birdie, a bunker lie die. I hit one on 9 for bogey. 15, I had a buried lie. They are difficult no matter how well you're hitting it. The guys that deal with the difficult lies and difficult situations like Jason Day, he's the one at the top of the leaderboard coming in.

Q. You need to oversee how you put the brakes on a little bit.
PAUL CASEY: Little frustrated I missed the fairway on the last hole and gave one back. You don't want to get too far ahead. Continue to do what he's doing, I think he's got it wrapped up. We're expecting to be told there's weather coming in so, it might be soften the greens. I shoot certainly in the 60s, I'll be very, very happy.

Q. The decision not to rejoin the European Tour, is that still absolutely steadfast or any regrets, any change of mind?
PAUL CASEY: Still the decision (inaudible).

Q. Few bogies got in there today but 7-under, you must be happy.
PAUL CASEY: Very happy with that. Try and stay in touch with Jason Day, gone bananas out there, isn't he? It's a tough golf course and I didn't have -- I had great control with the driver and the tee shots.

Lost a little bit of accuracy with the irons which put me in a little bit of trouble which led to a couple of dropped shots but very, very happy with the way I played and if I continue that form over the weekend I'll be ecstatic.

Q. You used the term "happy" twice. I saw you plug a ball in the front bunker in 17 and you and John McClaren were doing nothing but smiling. Speak to the mindset over there.
PAUL CASEY: My third buried ball of the day. Buried one on 9, buried one on 15.

Q. So this was a grimace.
PAUL CASEY: It was a smile because we actually, believe it or not, we actually worked on it the beginning of this week, buried one in a practice round, maybe even the Pro-Am as well and we genuinely worked on it, talked about technique and addressed that technique.

I was frustrated I didn't get up and down on 9 even though I hit a wonderful shot. Almost holed it on 15. Quite a long way away from 17.

It was a genuine laugh and relishing the challenge which I think you've got to do around here anywhere in almost every Tour event you're going to do it. You've got to do well to avoid all the trouble. We took it on the chin and looked what happened when you have a smile sometimes, you get up and down.

Q. Two good rounds. Good luck.
PAUL CASEY: Thank you, bud.

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