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March 13, 2016

Jordan Spieth

Palm Harbor, Florida

JORDAN SPIETH: Really special. It was really cool to watch. We had, I think, played together maybe three, four years ago in an event is what we were talking about but I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, especially on a day like today in his home town and it was really impressive stuff.

You would have thought he was out here for years, working the ball both ways. The way he was talking, couldn't sense any nerves or anything on his putting stroke, either. He's certainly really ready to be out here. It was really fun to watch.

Q. Your performance today, I mean you started out with an outside chance and didn't get off to a very good start.
JORDAN SPIETH: Wasn't as good as Lee's, my performance. Yeah, really poor from both me and Michael today. Our decisions cost us a few shots early and all the momentum and, you know, we both get the credit when things are going good and we're going to take the fall today.

I hit the shots but, you know, we made a couple decisions that make me look back and think wow, we got some stuff to talk about before we get ready to go into a Major. Bit of a bummer. But it's okay. We got plenty of time.

Ball strike being is getting close. Everything is, I would say, in a good place as far as being ready for the Masters. I'd like to get things sped up and maybe contend before we get to that, to Augusta, but yeah, nice come back this week, all in all. After the first day looked like everything was kind of going the golf course's way and found a way to fight back.

Q. What did you think of the speed of the greens out here?
JORDAN SPIETH: I couldn't trust any of my putts to get there. There's just no way when you get up there to think I actually have to hit it that hard and that high and so at some point, you know, it's just not going to happen. That's rare.

Q. Did you think as you stood on 17 what a difference a year makes from last year to this year?
JORDAN SPIETH: No. I thought do I try and belly this wedge again and let's try and make par and unfortunately didn't happen. Left the putt short again. No, I was just thinking at that time how to make par and on 18, try to make a birdie.

Q. Ready for Austin?
JORDAN SPIETH: Very excited. Hopefully go there and get off to a good start. I need to start my rounds better. It's that simple.

Can't start over-par in rounds every single round and expect to do anything with it. Just too hard to turn around all the time. I'm used to getting off to good starts. Unfortunately this week started black before red quite a few times.

The crowds were unbelievable this week. Today especially with Lee, you know, bringing his crowd in, too, and the momentum he was bringing, it was awesome. I appreciate the 14th hole -- I'm sorry, the 12th hole, the 12th green, the Hooters Hole. It's always fun for us. You can here and there get a roar like you did for Lee today and then awesome finish up.

Just a cool setting.

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