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March 4, 2016

Dawn Staley

Alaina Coates

Tiffany Mitchell

Jacksonville, Florida

South Carolina - 57

Auburn - 48

THE MODERATOR: We're now joined by South Carolina.

We'll go straight to questions.

Q. Alaina, was it Auburn's defense? What were the struggles in the interior today?
ALAINA COATES: I know personally for me, I didn't take my time on a lot of my shots. I felt like I needed to rush and get the ball up there.

But given the height advantage, you know, Coach Staley talked to me, I had to realize that you're up there, just keep the ball high, no one's really going to block your shot.

It was just a matter of taking my time, focusing and finishing.

Q. Dawn, are you at all either concerned or upset about what seemed like an uneven performance from your team or... Do you just worry about advancing and nothing more?
COACH STALEY: You have to feel good about your performances. You want to try to correct the things that we didn't do so well today in a short turnaround. Knowing our team, they understand what took place out there.

From a defensive standpoint, I like what we're doing. It's been a stable force over the past couple of games in which, you know, it's been hard for our offense to get going.

Our offense has to find a way to find some fluidity, have our posts and perimeter sync up a little bit better.

Q. Tiffany and Alaina, getting more fluid on offense, is that just a matter of targeting the bigs early or trying to drive the lane?
TIFFANY MITCHELL: We have to hit our post players when they're open, when they're not around two people so they can have easy looks at the basket.

When they do draw the double, they can hit us on the outside. Just thinking and being able to find each other when we need to.

ALAINA COATES: Everything that Tif said.

Q. Coach, Khadijah didn't play at all in the second half. Why was that?
COACH STALEY: She was a little under the weather. We thought it best not to play her, rest her up, see if she can get rid of her stomach illness.

THE MODERATOR: Coach, ladies, thank you very much.

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