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March 3, 2016

Jordan Spieth

Miami, Florida

Q. What differences did you notice in the golf course?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I think there were improvements made on No. 7 and No. 12. 7 taking away the bunker on the right side and 12 shifting the fairway bunker back further out of the landing area.

Other than that, the course is playing pretty similar.

Q. Seemed kind of a grind today.
JORDAN SPIETH: It always is here. And this would be a day that should play about as easy as it possibly can with just a five- to ten-mile-an-hour breeze. The standard wind here I think.

Still, the scores aren't extremely low. So more wind comes, I think tomorrow is going to be a pretty similar day to today. But if we get anything this weekend, the scores will level out pretty quickly I think.

Q. What was the dynamic or vibe between the top three guys?
JORDAN SPIETH: It was fine. It's just like it is any time that we're playing together, whether it's just two of us or all three. We're playing our own game but we enjoy the company of each other.

Yeah, we're actually able to feed off each other for awhile on a very difficult golf course through the first 12 holes or so, and then each of us had a bit of a slip towards the end, and a little bit of a damper on the round, a little bummer on the round, but we'll come back tomorrow and get off to a good start.

Q. Are you one of those Texans that likes to see the wind blow?
JORDAN SPIETH: Normally, yeah. Right now, I'm okay with this as I'm trying to work on some things in my swing. Not really working. It's just I always get off a little bit, but the stuff I'm working on, I'd rather the wind not come up.

But all in all, yeah, off the tee, I love it when it's windy, being able to trust the ball, throwing it into the breeze. Fairways become more and more important.

Q. What was your sense of how the greens were putting for you?
JORDAN SPIETH: They were pure. I think they were very makeable speed. They could certainly speed up if they wanted them to but there is quite a lot of slope on these greens. I thought they were very, very makeable speed. They were absolutely just pure. If you're not putting well here, you're not putting well anywhere. This is a place where you can really start to get it going when the wind is down.

Q. Rory said even after the double at the last, he felt like he played pretty solid, and he kind of assumed that even though you bogeyed the last, you're probably pretty happy with the round. Is that a safe assessment?
JORDAN SPIETH: That was a poorly played hole. My only other bogey was 3. I hit a pretty good shot and got a tough break with a big flyer and there wasn't much I could do there. But the last hole, I could certainly have controlled and finished better.

But yes, I feel, I would certainly sign up right now for three more rounds with the same score.

Q. The other day you mentioned, you said you didn't want to be as aggressive as you were in L.A. So do you think you managed that today?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yes. I think we did a great job approaching this course like a major championship, giving it some respect, taking our medicine when we needed to and waiting for chances.

I feel really good the way I'm putting the ball. I have that confidence to throw an aggressive swing at a more conservative line 15 feet away from holes so you don't have to challenge them. The putts will continue to go I think this week. I feel great about them, and actually had quite a few that I thought were going in, miss during the round, and then stole a couple towards the back end of it.

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