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February 21, 2016

Bubba Watson

Pacific Palisades, California

Q. How does it feel to have won at Riviera for the second time?
BUBBA WATSON: It feels nice. Any time you can win, being in that situation before here and pulling it out, it's kind of the same shot that I had on 18. I hit wedge and 14 I hit 9-iron today, so it was the same kind of shot, and it worked out.

Q. What was the secret to your performance? What was the thing that stood out that you did really well?
BUBBA WATSON: Being patient. Made some mistakes but I stayed patient. I stayed committed and that's what we're working on. The last five years of my life on the golf course and working on the head game. The physical game is there. It's just staying patient, focusing on one shot at a time and staying committed.

Q. There's been a lot of talk of Big Four in golf, and you with this win will move up to the 4th spot. How big is it to be part of that scene in the world of golf at the moment?
BUBBA WATSON: It's good. Any time you're Top-50 in the world it's nice and when you move up farther, it's even better.

Q. Your second win here at Riviera in three years, what is it about this place that just resonates with you?
BUBBA WATSON: You could hit shots around here. You can use your imagination. I hit some big hooks. I hit some big slices and it worked out. The key around here is just making your putts and for me it was about -- the same thing I did on 14. I was so committed on staying focused on the putts that I didn't let the other stuff distract me sometimes.

Q. From an outsider looking in, that was one of the most mature performances of your career. What other words would you use to describe it?
BUBBA WATSON: Not sure that word you just used, but you know, like I've always said, the last five years have been really tough. The physical game is not the problem. It's the mental, and it's staying focused. It's staying focused on each shot. I'm thinking about dinner, I'm thinking about basketball games, I'm thinking about -- nobody knows this yet but I passed a kidney stone at the golf tournament on Monday. It's focusing on the golf shot. Last few years been working on it, slow process, but hopefully I'll get better at it.

Q. When you won here two years ago, seven weeks later, you went on to win the second green jacket. That was two years after the first one, and you go in there now two years after the second one; how high is your confidence?
BUBBA WATSON: My confidence is always high. It's my mental game that's always down. I knew I was playing well. In Phoenix I had a bad headline that a lot of people booed me but still finished 14th there with all that going on. I knew that my game is in the right spot and I just hope it stays that way and really the head is in the right spot.

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