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February 19, 2016

Bubba Watson

Pacific Palisades, California

Q. How do you feel good your chances going into the weekend?
BUBBA WATSON: Better than if I missed the cut. That help you?

The year that I won here, I think I made the cut on the number, or just above the number, I can't remember if it was on the number or not. So, yeah, obviously making the cut, you know that anything can happen.

So where I'm at, I feel good. Except they just told me I only hit two fairways today, so I guess that's not good. But it was about angles. It's not really about hitting the fairway on some of these hole locations with the greens as fast as they are.

Q. Speaking of angles, No. 12, almost looks like you're looking down No. 11, are you hitting a big cut?
BUBBA WATSON: I'm trying to go over that tree with a big cut because my miss is a big block -- well, I have a bunch of misses, so that's out-of-bounds. So why not just hit it over there and try to cut it. Especially with the wind, it was kind of at the trees from the right.

So just trying to play it that way. My driver is not built to draw but I figure into the wind on a 400-however-long hole, a 3-wood is not good off the tee.

Q. Conditions much different for you today?
BUBBA WATSON: In the morning yesterday, the greens were a little bit more -- they are smoother just because the grass, they get spongy, so the footprints. With the greens as fast as they are, on some of the holes coming down the stretch, for me personally, it was about making sure you don't give yourself a 4-footer. There were some that got a way a little bit but I still made them, so it worked out.

Yeah, it's tougher that way. The greens are still soft from the rain. So the course is still not unplayable as the scores showed.

Q. What do you remember about when you went 64-64 when you won, what do you remember about that week that allowed you to be so aggressive in those rounds?
BUBBA WATSON: It wasn't about being aggressive. It was just the numbers were right; the wind was right. We look at just numbers and how a person plays. We don't think about sometimes they don't like a certain wind.

So if the wind switched tomorrow, there might be a guy that has not been making the putts or has not been hitting his irons close, but then flips around, shoots 64-64 like I did.

So it's about wind and getting the right number, and the distance happens to be right on a 9-iron instead of a half-9-iron or something like that. And then making a few putts here and there. If you look today, it was just about hanging on. I had a chip out on 1 but somehow made the putt for birdie on 1.

From 2, made it on the fringe and I really parred around from there it seems like. Made a birdie somewhere, 8. It's one of those things, we don't look at it the right way, where the conditions can favor you or not favor you, depending which way the wind is going and what you like coming over your shoulder.

Q. 10 straight pars for you.
BUBBA WATSON: Right. But again, it's my own mind-set where I'm making sure I don't make a big mistake, so playing more conservative. And like 11, I hit a good putt. It did more than I thought. Had to lay up on 11 two times, now two bad drives on 11. But I feel like I did really good on 10. I made a par somehow, so it's nice.

Q. Does this place suit your eye from get-go?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, because you've got room off the tee. And when I say room off the tee, not that the fairways are wide. The tree lines are wider. Some of the trees are missing, so I can play out of it. Like 12 when I hit a hook 7-iron, probably not too many guys that can do that, and it worked out. 2-putted ten feet, so it was perfect.

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