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February 19, 2016

Bubba Watson

Pacific Palisades, California

Q. How pleased are you with the way things turned out?
BUBBA WATSON: Good. Some of the fairways, I'm not really worried about hitting the fairways. It's about a certain side of the golf hole you're looking for. This rough is down, but it's still tricky to play out of it, but it's down enough where I can play. So I'm not really looking for fairways as much as I am the better angle.

Q. Talking about the greens getting a little bit bumpy in the afternoon; did that affect you in the back nine?
BUBBA WATSON: I hit a bad tee shot on 11, so I had to lay up. Hit a good shot in there but then I missed the putt. Some of these holes coming down the stretch, it was more about playing safe on the birdie putts and making sure we didn't make a silly mistake with the 2-footer or 3-footer.

Q. Look like you were going to go on a tear there early. Tough day on the greens in the end?
BUBBA WATSON: I don't think it was a tough day. It was just one of those days, they just didn't go in. Yesterday all of them went in. The first two holes, I had to chip outside-wise on 1 and still made birdie somehow and made one from the fringe on 2. It wasn't like it was a great day on the greens.

It was just those two that somehow got lucky and made them. But the short putts is what I liked. I didn't miss any inside five feet. I didn't make any bogeys. So that would be pretty good over the weekend.

Q. That's enough to be proud of. Obviously your record around here is really good. Playing a couple of really heroic shots from out of the trees, as well. Your shape, the way you shape your ball around this place, is it a distinct advantage?
BUBBA WATSON: No. Only if I'm making putts. I'm not leading so obviously it's not that big of an advantage. I can move the ball, so there's a couple shots that I hit that some people might not be able to hit. So it work out good, and again, saving pars.

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