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February 18, 2016

Bubba Watson

Pacific Palisades, California

Q. How would you classify this course? We keep hearing ball-striker's course.
BUBBA WATSON: You've got to remember, today is totally different than yesterday. Yesterday was rock hard, fairways were running, greens were running.

We were wondering how we were going to play No. 3. No. 3 if you don't hit the fairway, even if a lob-wedge it was hard to stop the ball on the green yesterday. Today obviously with the rain it was easier. The golf course is accepting shots. But this golf course, the history of this golf course, this is one of those golf courses that we talk about a lot, because of the history. There's not much change around here. The golf course has stayed the same, same kind of grass, it's not heavy rough. It's basically getting the right bounce. You lands it six inches short, it stays short. You land it just on the green it could bounce over.

It's all about hitting the right trajectories, hitting the right line, and hopefully on certain pins, hitting the fairway so you can produce a little bit of spin. So your answer is: It's just a traditional old school golf course that's got a lot of history.

Q. Which you like.
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, I love it because of the history, and as you can see, there's some trees down compared to where the first time I played here. I think I started playing here nine, ten years ago. And so you can spray it a little bit but still manage the golf course. But at the same time, you can hit fairways and manage the golf course.

It's one of those golf courses where it can bite you at any minute, but at the same time you can score and you can imagine a bunch of shots around the trees and around the greens.

Q. The rain we got, is it going to keep the golf course a little bit softer the rest of the tournament?
BUBBA WATSON: It will, but again, if it stays sunny the next couple days, Sunday afternoon could be fun. Depends on what they want to do. It could get baked out and be a lot tougher. Yesterday was the toughest I've seen it in a long time, as firm as it was on the fairways and on the greens.

Q. How did you play 10?
BUBBA WATSON: I made par. I made a par on 10. I made a five. (Laughter).

10, Teddy, my caddie, is all about stats. He loves looking at stats. Doesn't bore me with them but he loves looking at them. His whole thing was, he said, if you lay up or if you go for it, there's no -- any stat man will tell you it's up in the air. Over time, the green has gotten smaller because all the sand out of the bunkers, the slope -- so today, we went for it. I hooked it.

So I had to play sideways, and I missed my putt for par. When I par that hole, it's like a birdie. I was trying to go over that bunker short left, but I drew it and then hooked it, I drew it into the front bunker, so you can't go at the pin. So I chipped sideways to where I was trying to drive it.

Q. That chip shot you hit on 10, it just stayed up on the ledge, is that one where yesterday, that goes down?
BUBBA WATSON: Yesterday it bounces forward, so it might be a gimmie, because again, it's -- we tee off at 7:22, I didn't have time to play the course in between the rain and no rain. We don't know what to expect.

So I have to prepare like it's going to be a little bit firmer and obviously it didn't do what I thought. It didn't skip. It checked up a little bit. You get used to it throughout the day. I had a 5-iron that backed up today on to the green. So it's just different than yesterday. So you have to adjust quick or struggle.

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