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February 18, 2016

Jordan Spieth

Pacific Palisades, California

Q. Justin was just saying, you were giving him grief on 18, when he asked if he was in the through line --
JORDAN SPIETH: I said, "Justin, you're probably in my through line at this point."

He said, "Freddie, am I okay here on the through line?"

And Freddie said, "Yeah."

And I said, "Justin, you didn't ask me and you're probably in my through line right now." Turns out he -- no, he wasn't.

Q. But it's good you can keep your sense of humor to the end.
JORDAN SPIETH: I felt like there was a couple rounds last week where I shot 2-under and I was more miserable than I was today. It's just a day to forget. It's one in, hopefully every couple years. I've shot 80 before. I've shot in the 80s a couple times on TOUR. I think I shot 79 today on a par 71. In the course of a career, I imagine it's going to happen. Just unfortunate when it actually does.

It's amazing. I feel really confident about where my game is, and had a great range session, Cameron is here, and there was nothing pinpointed that was wrong. I just played really poorly from good positions off the tee, and didn't strike the iron shots bad either. I just overdrew it when you can't be left and I overcut it when you can't be right. Just bad timing.

Q. You said you were more miserable after a couple of those rounds last week. If you felt like your game was good coming into this week, I guess how come you're not more miserable now?
JORDAN SPIETH: Because I had been trying to work on that attitude a little bit more, because it cost me on Saturday last week. It cost me a couple shots. It was an expectation kind of management.

I went through the next few tournaments after Hawai'i thinking that that's what I'm going to do every week, and I just need to manage the expectations and realize the greens aren't 50 by 50 yards, so your misses aren't still on greens and you don't necessarily putt that well every week.

So I tried to do better today, even when it wasn't going my way to just be quiet, stay focused and try and make the next shot. None of them seemed to go in but at least that's what I was doing.

Yeah, so, I found it very difficult to trust the way the golf course is playing, and that really -- I didn't get off to a good start because of that. I've never played the golf course soft. I've always played where you have to kind of float it on to the front of the greens and let it bounce, and I just never trusted the adjustment.

From the first hole on, the first hole, I take one more club and the ball probably lands by the hole and it only ends up about 12 feet away. Well, out of the rough, in the past, of it lands by that hole, it's over the back of the green and you're dead.

So just had a really tough time trusting the way that the course conditions were, and that certainly wasn't all of it, but that was a good amount of it to start with some in-between numbers and just seemed to be anywhere you really shouldn't go, I went, and again, it's just a day to forget, and I won't think much on it. I'll come out tomorrow -- I'm not throwing this tournament away. I believe that I can shoot 10-under par on this golf course. There's a 9-under round right now, and I think I can do that. I'm not packing it in by any means.

Q. The last hour, almost expecting something to bounce through --
JORDAN SPIETH: I don't think so. I was just very surprised when I looked up on some of the iron shots. I felt like I put good swings on them and I looked up and all of a sudden, they were further off-line.

Like the one on 18, that one, it was an in between number and so I played probably the wrong shot. I should have hit a 7-iron into the front center of the green and made par, but why wouldn't I try and birdie at this point, right. I mean, I need birdies.

And I look up and I think that the ball is going to be fading toward the hole the way I strike it, and it's not. So no, I didn't expect things to go poorly. I actually expected something to go in. But then when you start getting these 5-, 6-footers on softer poa annua, that's where I really struggle. It certainly showed today.

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