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February 13, 2016

Jordan Spieth

Pebble Beach, California

Q. How would you assess your round out there today?
JORDAN SPIETH: I just had a bad attitude that first nine. I just, I have come to this golf course thinking that it's just kind of pitch and putt, because that's the way it's kind of played the last three or four rounds I played on it.

And then with conditions like today, you just got to be patient. And to be 1-over through seven, that's where you need to kind of take advantage and I turned it around, my shot, second shot into 8 was a big shot for me and it was a 5-iron on maybe the hardest hole of the day. And I hit a nice solid iron shot up there, kind of saw something, got a little bit in the groove. And then from there I really didn't miss a shot from 8 until really 18. And I just couldn't catch a break. Whether the putts were just misread or I -- I drove the ball in two divots in a row. It just seemed like it was kind of going against me. And what a really nice up-and-down to be able to play on Sunday here.

Q. What's been the biggest frustration for you this week?
JORDAN SPIETH: Par-5 play. I had to get that up-and-down and not be 1-over on the par-5s where I've missed one fairway and I've been within, outside of 14, I've been within 60 yards of the green in a good position on all 12 of them, or 11 out of the 12.

And to be even par, I mean I should be really, I would say, average for me there would be 7- or 8-under. That's losing eight shots on the par-5s, that's a bit sloppy.

But again, if I'm just average on the par-5s though, I'm somewhat in this tournament or at least playing solid. So it's not far away, I think it's just been just a bit of poor decision making and then I just haven't made anything.

But I'm looking for something tomorrow. Once you get a few putts to go in, you start having a bit more confidence on this poa annua, start getting the speed dialed in, and you never know.

Q. (No Microphone.)
JORDAN SPIETH: I'm not going to win the golf tournament, but you never know, you can post a good round.

Q. The par-5s, is that more an attitude thing or just not hitting the ball the way you want to?
JORDAN SPIETH: It's been striking it in the wrong places or as far as execution errors. I've had a few decision errors. It's been a mixture. That's what's frustrating.

And then I missed a few short putts when I have played them solid. For me it's been -- I can go back to each one, if you wanted to, but I've got one par-5 where I've got an execution error on the second shot where I just mis-hit it and that's okay. I'm okay with that.

I've had decision errors, like on 6 today, where I just hit the wrong club off the tee. You can hit 3-iron, 4-iron into that hole and you make birdie at worst.

And then I've got short game errors, where 16, which is almost a long par-4 for us on Monterrey Peninsula, I've got a basic little chip down the slope or 11 at Spyglass, just a basic little chip. I've got a 30 foot pitch. This should be a no-brainer tap in and I'm not even getting them up-and-down. And it's just poor chipping. Just sloppy short game, it just needs to be dialed in. That's all it is.

The decisions come from the fact that I'm so far behind that I try and do too much. What I can really fix that will be a little harder because it puts in more time is going to be that short game. I need to do a lot of that come Riviera.

Q. People will look at what you said when you were in the desert and all that stuff about you need -- you're probably putting yourself in positions you shouldn't be in, you're traveling too much. Do you think that if people look back and say maybe he needs another week or two to kind of get himself more comfortable. Is that a fair assessment?
JORDAN SPIETH: Maybe people think that, but I said before this tournament started that I felt a hundred percent. I feel a hundred percent. Yesterday was one of the better ball striking rounds I've had in a long time, I just couldn't get anything to go. It just needs to all click.

I think that the last three tournaments I've almost played under the impression that it's going to be as easy as Hawaii. And I think that that's really factoring in on my attitude and my decision making, and so I need to sit back and I need to really assess kind of how I played the last three events: That's Abu Dhabi, Singapore and then here.

All three I've kind of approached as if I should shoot 6, 7- or 8-under each round like we did in Hawaii, why not? It's that easy. But it just isn't. And we were really on that weekend. I caught the breaks and I was putting well.

That's nothing going to be the case and so you got to make up for it with the right, kind of the way I typically play, which is to really map out and think out each hole and each golf course and each round. And I've just done a really poor job of that. And then I just get so down on myself so easily and I don't really know why. If you ask Michael, he'll say man, these last few rounds that we have played, I've seemed more frustrated, I've kind of been more negative on the golf course than I have in a long time. Over a year. The good news is I'm realizing it. The bad news is that it's happened and it's affected my play. I have plenty of time now to figure it out.

Tomorrow I'm just going to it try and have fun, enjoy Pebble. I'm not in contention. It will be the first stress-free round that I've really had in quite awhile where I've played a Sunday not having a chance to win. It's not good, but at the same time, I can really -- I think I can get into a groove and not lose any hair over the back nine and just, I'm going to fire at some pins.

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