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July 30, 2005

Tiger Woods


Q. After the 61 yesterday

TIGER WOODS: I haven't shot 61 very often. The hardest thing in golf is to follow up a great round. I had a hard time today unfortunately. I got off to just a terrible start but put it back together though. I got it back in the round, and I was 3 under par, and the last hole summed up the whole day.

Q. 13, your reaction?

TIGER WOODS: I had 215 to the hole. I had 5 iron and I carried 240. You don't hit 5 irons that carry 240, I don't care who you are. I got my drop; putted. The way it was looking, it was looking pretty good, but I thought it was going to lip out but it lipped in which was great.

Q. When stuff like that happens

TIGER WOODS: No, unfortunately it does happen. I mean, I wasn't trying to get off to a start like that. I was grinding and I just didn't have it. I warmed up not very good today. I didn't have I didn't hit it very good on the range. I was just kind of hoping that, you know, you could hit it like a dog on the range and hit it great on the golf course which happens a lot. Unfortunately it just didn't happen that way.

I started off terribly but I turned it around which was great. I got myself going a little bit, made some birdies, and just didn't quite get it done at the end.

Q. Was it more frustrating with Vijay playing so well?

TIGER WOODS: Just compounds it because you're trying to win the golf tournament, and I'm going one way and he's going the other and it makes it doubly difficult. Now I'm struggling with my game and he's playing great. It just puts you further behind, and it's awfully tough to catch up when you get off to a start like that.

Q. Inaudible?

TIGER WOODS: I'm going to have to shoot something like I did yesterday or 61 or a 60 or 62, somewhere in there, and hope Vijay doesn't go low. The golf course can be had. The greens are very soft and you see everybody shooting good numbers. So hopefully I can get it going tomorrow and see what happens.

It's frustrating, no doubt about it, it was frustrating, because I played so well yesterday and I got off to such a terrible start today, but I turned it around. It was frustrating that I got that far behind that early, and I had to make up so many shots, and that's awfully difficult when Vijay is playing as well as he was. On top of that, he missed three short ones. I mean, that's probably the highest score he could have shot today.

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