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July 31, 2005

Tiger Woods


Q. Are you wondering where that

TIGER WOODS: Just didn't happen on the front nine. I had 3 putts on the par 5 and nothing going until I made birdie on 11 and from there it started kicking off a little bit.

Q. Too late to catch him at that point?

TIGER WOODS: I thought at least if I played solid on the back nine, I'd finish second probably, and if I played a great back nine, I might be in position just in case Vijay messed up, but he's playing too well to do that. But you never know. The holes are pretty easy, but you just never know. That's why we play the game. Vijay is playing beautifully, so he deserves to win.

Q. Looked like you enjoyed the back side, and to have the birdie on 17.

TIGER WOODS: I enjoyed it a whole lot more than the front nine, that's for sure. Nothing was happening on the front nine and I made a couple of par saves to be where I was at. The back nine was pretty sweet, I had a good drive on 14, which was nice, but the putt on 17, that was pretty nice to have. To be honest with you, I thought it was in the bunker, and I holed it and I hit it enough to where one hopped it in the back bunker and thought I was dead for sure and made a 10 footer for par. I got up there and I was on the green and thought, I have a pretty good line, pretty easy putt, just go ahead and make sure you hit it hard enough and see what happens.

Q. Your reaction on 17?

TIGER WOODS: I wanted to know how loud those guys get up there. They were pretty hammered, they were wobbling as it was. It was just all fun and games.

Q. Inaudible?

TIGER WOODS: He was already out. He was too far ahead of me, playing too well and he made birdie there.

Q. How much of a success was this week, a round of 61, and to go from a 36 to a back side 30, very streaky this week?

TIGER WOODS: It was. But good things happened this week. I worked on a couple of things for the future and it was nice to have those things come together, not for all 72 holes which was disappointing. But I'm showing signs and that's very good. I have one more week at home to practice and be ready and I'll be rested for the PGA come next Thursday.

Q. Inaudible?

TIGER WOODS: It will be fun. The PGA is the last major of the year, so it will be exciting either way. Hopefully I'll be playing well enough to get myself up there.

Q. Inaudible?

TIGER WOODS: Well, I'm excited. I've played really well in the majors this year. Hopefully the PGA will be a culmination of that. This week was a big step for the things I was trying to work on after the British Open, and I'm showing signs. Unfortunately I didn't have it together for all 72 holes and hopefully I can rectify that.

Q. To go 3, 2, 3 in this event, does that get a little bit frustrating knowing you're so close?

TIGER WOODS: Well, at least I've won here once. At least I got there one time at least. I've played well here over the years and every year I come here, I'm excited about playing here, the fans have been absolutely fantastic each and every year. The golf course sets up well for my eye and it's just one of those weeks where you're excited to play. It has a hometown feel here, just makes it very special.

Q. Next year when you look at your schedule

TIGER WOODS: There's no doubt about it. You play and you never go back because it doesn't fit your eye, no hole seems right, like I can't put a ball on the fairway, I can't put a ball on the green and it just doesn't fit.

You look at my results over the years that I've played year, I've had pretty good results. You can tell I'm very comfortable here.

End of FastScripts.

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