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February 7, 2016

Bubba Watson

Scottsdale, Arizona

A flash interview with:


Q. I wondered how you felt about that show of support with the Thunderbirds.
BUBBA WATSON: That was very nice. A player reached out to the tour yesterday. I don't want to say his name unless he says it. He reached out to the tour and said it's the worst thing he's ever seen. He said, I don't know why you played today, Bubba.

As much support I have given this city, the charity dollars that I have helped in this city -- and when I say "city," Scottsdale and Phoenix. The first batch of drivers we sold in 2012 went to the Children's Hospital. The last three years we went to the Mission on Friday afternoon, made snack-packs for the kids. Made 1,200 this year. I have lived here for the last eight winters. And for somebody to turn my words around -- when I say "turn my words around," we don't read articles; we read headlines. And the headline was a bad headline. Made me look bad.

For me, it really hurt me yesterday. It really hurt me a lot. Today was different. It's a different crowd today. Less people, so it makes your life better.

But it really hurt me a lot, hurt my family a lot to see that and know how much we have supported this city, been behind this city. Again, when I say "city," make sure I word that right, Phoenix and Scottsdale. It was pretty sad.

Q. How was the week on you?
BUBBA WATSON: I mean, this is the stuff that pushes athletes away, you know. For my words to get twisted -- and when I say "words," again, let me word that the right way, the headline made it -- if you read the whole article, you can see the good and the bad, but it was nothing against the fans, the city, the people. I said the Thunderbirds, PGA TOUR, Waste Management, the sponsor here, they do a great job. To see this many people come out, it's our biggest tournament in the year fan base-wise. Obviously we'd rather win a major. But it's the biggest fan base-wise.

So it's pretty sad. Again, it was heartbreaking. And this is what pushes athletes away in many sports when the media starts putting labels on you. Very heartbreaking.

I can take it. I mean, I took it like a man. My worst round I have ever shot here. I have a chance to come in top 10, but yesterday really hurt me.

Q. Maybe the fifth top 10 you'll have here. A lot of guys I don't think cared for the changes happening on 14. How do you explain playing so well?
BUBBA WATSON: But again, the PGA TOUR is known for this, not just here, known for this. If you miss the fairway by a little bit, it's very thick rough, very tough. If you miss the fairway by a bunch like I do, you have a change in score. Around here, as long as you miss the desert, you can still play.

The changes are very difficult, very tough. The holes and bunkers are put in places where it's very difficult. So for me making a few putts, being able to drive over some bunkers, depending on weather conditions, makes it where I can play. Doesn't mean I can score. But again, nobody really runs away from this. Even before they changed the course, the winning scores were around 15-under, which is right around there again. It's not like people are going away and shooting 30-under. It's always right around -- 10-under gets you the top 10 like it's going to be today. So it's not like people are going crazy out there.

Q. Will you be back?
BUBBA WATSON: Yes. And you know what the sad thing is? I was talking to the Thunderbird that was following me around today. Sad thing is I'm the first guy to register for this tournament.

They put out the schedule, put it on our special website where we can register, and I sign up. Every year I'm the first guy to sign up here. I love signing up for my tournaments early to know that I have signed up so I won't forget to sign up.

And so it was pretty sad that people think I don't want to be here. I moved my family here, so obviously I want to be here.

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