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February 1, 2016

Kevin Streelman

San Diego, California

Q. So yesterday when you went out there, you birdied the first hole which I think was the only --
KEVIN STREELMAN: I got a skin? All right.


Q. So can you talk about starting yesterday, the delays that we had, conditions yesterday, and then today?
KEVIN STREELMAN: It was just a day like I've never seen before in professional golf, to be honest. It was just on the verge of unplayable all day, but I think most of the day we were on the playable side of it.

So, I think everyone did a great job getting as many holes in as we could, but it was just extremely trying. I never had my patience tested so drastically as that, let alone I got screamed at at the top of my back swing by a Marshall on one hole. I made a double on it, too.

You had to stay patient, you had to stay positive, and I was proud of the way I finished and hopefully get a top two or three place finish.

Q. When you go home at night after, what's your mindset?
KEVIN STREELMAN: You're just exhausted. You're so mentally exhausted. Your body's cold and wet, it's just, you want to get in a hot shower and you're still cold after. It just was very trying.

But I've been falling asleep about 9 o'clock every night, getting up at 5. Very excited now we're flying home, I get to sleep in my own bed here this week and play over in Phoenix.

Q. How would you describe the conditions out there this morning?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Very difficult. The wind -- funny thing is yesterday we were all excited because we could get to 15 and we were going to be downwind finally, where we felt we were side wind or into it all day.

We show up this morning and it switches to the north, northwest. So now 15, 16, 17 cross wind, 18 dead in, those holes were dead in as well. So where yesterday we would have had the help with the south wind, it turned around on us today and we had to play, it felt like the entire golf course into the wind.

So, I don't think I've seen a more challenging golf course and challenging conditions outside of a Major and maybe even combined in a Major in my professional career. And I've been a pro for 15 years and this is something. But good to move on, I'm proud of the way I played and see what we can do next week.

Q. What will you take away from a Top-5 finish here considering everything?
KEVIN STREELMAN: A lot of mental toughness. Proud of the mental fortitude. I played awesome the first two days. And Saturday and Sunday I did not have my best swing. My coach came in to do some work with me, because I hit it all over the map. But to save pars with wedges, get up-and-downs, make a lot of putts I needed to, and to shoot 4-under par is pretty darn good.

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