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January 10, 2016

Jordan Spieth

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii

Q. Congratulations. Your seventh PGA TOUR win. Your sixth in less than a year. I thought you set the tone early. A great up-and-down at 1, a birdie at 2, and another good up-and-down at 4.
JORDAN SPIETH: Definitely. 1 and 2 to play those two holes 1-under with where we were, that was spectacular. It's a dream start on this course because that's the meat of the course is those two holes, with this Kona wind.

So, it looked like Brooks may get a shot on the first hole. All of a sudden I flipped that around and got a shot on him. That was key.

Up-and-down on 4 was nice. It was just I shouldn't have had to get it up-and-down with a wedge in my hand.

But the way we played 6 through 10 were fantastic. That's what Michael said on 6 tee box. He said this is where we can win the golf tournament already is these next five holes.

So, really pleased with the way that we kind of sat back and stayed patient with the day, let the birdies come to us and ended up having some tap-ins.

Q. You talked about how you've never gotten to 30-under par. Were you really pushing for that on the back nine?
JORDAN SPIETH: I wasn't really pushing much for it. I was hitting irons off tees and just protecting the lead. Staying away from double bogey.

Then once I hit my tee shot on 15, that's when I knew I could be more aggressive. I had big fairways, I had wedges in my hand, I hit a great 3-iron in there close for eagle. Just missed it. Nice wedge there and a nice wedge on 18.

So when I got to 17 tee box, that was certainly in my head, I really wanted to get to 30.

Q. Always great to win, but to win in front of your family. When we will we see you again?
JORDAN SPIETH: Looks like still trying to figure it out but it looks like Pebble Beach.

Q. A new year, a similar result. Jordan, what is it like beginning the final round with a big lead, setting a target score, all while trying to accomplish the one and only thing that matters and that's winning the golf tournament.
JORDAN SPIETH: It's a bit tricky. Your mind wanders throughout the round. I got off to a dream start, which helps it. But it's tough.

Patrick's making a serious run to start the tournament and then you know that he's not going to let up. The last thing he wants to do is lose a golf tournament, which is why he makes a lot of birdies and it's why he's such a great competitor.

We just tried to stay patient, realized we had more holes than he did left, a lot of birdie holes out here, and eventually if we stuck to our goal and just waited for our opportunities, then it was going to happen. It was inevitable. And that's what ended up becoming the case.

Q. There were a lot of questions beginning this week on how you could continue your great play from 2015. What statement did you make with this victory today?
JORDAN SPIETH: That's not necessarily -- we were just trying to win the golf tournament. I guess it makes sort of a statement that, hey, we're -- the calendar changed, we're still there. No reason that my game should change with the calendar. It certainly didn't. If anything, I felt we have even improved in this off season. So hopefully we can continue to do that. I got to keep working hard. Everyone -- this was kind of a tournament where a lot of guys were knocking rust off and I felt like mine was already off. So, everyone's going to be bringing it, we got to work harder.

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