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October 22, 2005

Tiger Woods


TIGER WOODS: My driving wasn't very good. The only think I did well was, I putted well. I just could not get it right.

Q. What hole took it out of you yesterday, which one, five or 12? Which was more of a blow?

TIGER WOODS: 5, without a doubt.

Q. What happened there?

TIGER WOODS: I've hit it left so many times and all of a sudden I hit it two way right. It goes both ways.

Q. You get to watch Stanford all three days back at home?

TIGER WOODS: If we get three days. I'll be out there watching the guys, the practice round is this afternoon. I'll be out there watching them.

Q. If we do the math, you win the money title now Vijay missed the cut. Congratulations, if that means anything.

TIGER WOODS: If a title meant anything, I've played more tournaments. I don't know if that means a lot to me or winning. I have more wins than anybody else, and I have won more majors than anybody else in the same year. It's a very good year.

Q. You and Vijay had the first and fourth lowest score in averages in tournament history. 68 was about the usual for you.

TIGER WOODS: Obviously both didn't really play well. I can't speak for him, but I did not play well at all. As I said, I had a two way miss this week. You can't aim a two way miss even if those fairways are 300 yards wide. If you get it hitting both ways, it's tough to play.

Q. When was the last time you had a two way miss going?


Q. What does that tell you?

TIGER WOODS: There you go.

Q. How do you regroup from this?

TIGER WOODS: I have got a long stretch. It's not just the TOUR Championship. I have got a bunch of tournaments I've got to play from here on out. I've got a lot of work to do this week and I should be ready.

Q. How would you compare this week to the Nelson?

TIGER WOODS: Obviously this golf course is a lot easier, these two courses are a lot easier. It was probably more disappointing, because I bogeyed the last hole and I had the cut in hand. I had to birdie the last two holes.

Q. Aggravating to have to get up at 5:00ish to come back out here and finish? Were you still thinking you had a chance?

TIGER WOODS: I had to play a great shot out of the trees and give myself a putt, which I didn't do. And I tried to hole a chip, and I didn't do that. I had to at least try to make a putt so I could eagle the last hole, and I didn't do that either. The way I'm hitting it, I definitely can't hit it that far the last hole.

Q. Did you warm up at home?

TIGER WOODS: I warmed up at home.

Q. In the dark?


Q. What's the difference in the feeling between Nelson and here, given there was probably a lot more tension back then?

TIGER WOODS: I think it's just because I bogeyed the last hole. I had a triple and a double this week, it's frustrating.

Q. In and out burger?

TIGER WOODS: Exactly, it wasn't very good.

Q. You were angry at Nelson, not because of the streak?

TIGER WOODS: It wasn't a streak. It's the fact that I had middle of the fairway, an easy little shot. All I had to do was dump it right of the hole. I tug it with the wind, put it in a bunker, the only spot you can't miss it, and then I make bogey.

Q. Did you go back to the other driver yesterday?

TIGER WOODS: I did. I went back to my old driver I played the entire summer with.

Q. Do you regret at all (Inaudible)?

TIGER WOODS: I think it's just the driver. It does work, unfortunately I didn't have the swing to make it work. I hit it great on the range. I was hitting it good. When I make proper swings I hit it better than my driver. But my swing was so bad that it just wasn't working at all. I went back to something I feel comfortable with and I won a major championship with.

Q. What was your thoughts coming into this morning?

TIGER WOODS: I had to put the ball on the green and try to make a putt. I had a shot. I had to draw it a little bit and it didn't draw at all. The greens are absolutely perfect right now, nobody has been on them. I was hoping to make a bomb.

End of FastScripts.

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