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February 3, 2006

Tiger Woods


GORDON SIMPSON: That was a 66 today, but after about eight holes it could be 56. Talk about the day for us.

TIGER WOODS: Turned a great round into a round. Frustrating.

GORDON SIMPSON: Did you have that same feeling yourself after playing eight holes today?

TIGER WOODS: I played eight holes really well, and then hit just a wonderful tee shot off of 18. I thought if anything, it would be in the left rough, and so there it goes.

GORDON SIMPSON: But overall, your assessment at halfway?

TIGER WOODS: Well, I'm in position. I'll probably be behind, but again, a little bit frustrated right now.

Q. Do you remember being this downbeat after a 66 before?


Q. Can you tell us when?

TIGER WOODS: Firestone.

Q. Which round?

TIGER WOODS: Last year.

Q. We have been very impressed with the Tiger Woods Foundation in America. I was wondering, eventually are you planning on extending it to our side?

TIGER WOODS: Yes, we plan probably the next two years to venture outside of the United States. We're trying to get our start Something Program developed now. As said earlier, we have 3.2 million kids involved in the program around the country and we'd like to raise that number well over 5 and then eventually broaden it to Asia and then Africa and then throughout Europe.

Q. Will you be doing it in the United States or only in certain areas?

TIGER WOODS: It's all around the country.

Q. After eight holes, what would you have satisfied with, what final number would you have been satisfied?

TIGER WOODS: No bogeys.

Q. But low 60s?

TIGER WOODS: If I would have made par, that's fine. I don't have like making bogeys.

Q. I know you like to forget your bad shots, let's just concentrate on the 10th. What I wanted to ask you is after the bogey there yesterday, is it something that you wanted to get even with the hole and you made that eagle there or did you have a different plan for it today?

TIGER WOODS: No. I didn't even realize I made bogey. I was just trying to put the ball up the left side of the fairway and I was able to do that. The next shot I was right in between clubs. 5 wood wasn't enough. 3 wood was too much. I had to hit some kind of soft 3 wood up in the air and pulled it off, a good shot. Landed soft and then I had probably about six, seven feet. So it was a great start.

Q. It was almost as though it was a social round out there, and same as yesterday, you seemed to get on well with Darren and Henrik, lots of conversation and jokes. When things are not going your way, does that lift you?

TIGER WOODS: When I made the double and the bogeys, I didn't say much to anybody. No, any time you're making bogeys

Q. But the rest of the time, do you enjoy that sort of golf?

TIGER WOODS: I've always enjoyed playing with Darren. We've played in the final of the Match Play; any time I've played with Darren, I always have a good time.

And whether or not we're playing good or not, is a different story, but any time I get that pairing, we always have fun, no matter where it is.

Q. On the ninth hole on your shot, did the ball hit the bank and roll into the water?

TIGER WOODS: I think it landed right there in the weeds. It never bounced. So I think it landed in the weeds.

Q. When you hit it, did you think it cleared the pond?

TIGER WOODS: I was hoping it did. I didn't have a very good lie and was marginal whether I should go for it or no. I was just trying to hit the ball somewhere left of the hole and just squirted off to the right and fell in a little nosedive. Eventually ended up making 6.

Q. Do you go back to the hotel now and sort of punch the hotel door, or do you have some lunch, cool down a bit and work on the range?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, No. 2. (Laughter.)

Q. It was just a couple of holes, something positive, just a couple bogeys?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, a lot of positives, but again, it's frustrating, my dropped shots you know me, I hate dropping shot. Especially when you have a good round going like that, any time you drop a shot, period, it always hurts you.

Q. Were you between clubs at the fourth, the short hole?

TIGER WOODS: The wind wasn't blowing when I had 7 iron out, and then all of a sudden it kicked up. I had to go with 6, I was just trying to hit it up the left side a little bit. I just got it going with the wind. It wasn't that bad of a shot but I just got it going with it and the wind exacerbated it and ended up hitting in the rough.

GORDON SIMPSON: Tiger, let's see if you can go lower tomorrow. Thank you very much.

End of FastScripts.

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