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November 13, 2015

Paul Casey

Shanghai, China

Q. Thoughts on shooting a round of 69?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, happy with that. It was really cold out there. Golf course played really quite long. There were a couple of tees that were moved up, but yeah, a bit of a beast today.

Played very, very well. Struck the ball nicely. Gave myself lots of opportunities and we've moved up the leaderboard.

Q. Nice birdie run on that front nine, as well, to get the score going.
PAUL CASEY: I did, they weren't in a row, but birdieing holes like 9, that feels like more than a shot picked up on the field.

Yeah, so I feel good about my game, good about certainly -- it's nice getting off to a quick start. Although it was a tough start. Holes like 3 were exceptionally long today with the back tee, and I don't know what the wind was blowing but it's a combination of the wind and the cold, which is making it difficult to play, plus it's wet.

So if it stays the way it is, although I don't necessarily enjoy these conditions, it might play into my hands a little bit.

Q. You certainly have the distance off the tee, as well, haven't you?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, thank you, I'm getting older but the length is still there. I've actually put a new driver in the bag back in THE TOUR Championship in the States in Atlanta, a Nike driver. So it's given me a little distance. It's always these things, everything new has got a little bit more distance, doesn't it.

But this genuinely has a bit more distance. I feel like I'm hitting it back to the distance I used to, post-injuries, and that's put me in good position, because when you start to lose a little bit of distance, there's enough young guys out there who are knocking it past me anyway. So at least I'm staying somewhat with them.

Q. Sounds like your new favourite club.
PAUL CASEY: Every club is my favourite club.

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