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October 11, 2015

Timea Bacsinszky


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What is the biggest regret for you in this match? The first set? Do you feel you tried everything you could and no regrets?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: Well, it's not because you're leading at a certain point that you're assured to be maybe taking a set.
She's a great competitor. Well, to be able to win a set or to win more points or more games, you need to make her work a lot. I tried many things. Some worked. Some didn't work that well. But I took some decisions while I was playing.
I wasn't afraid to play. I wasn't afraid to try things. So every time I step on a court, I'm not waiting from myself to pull a perfect copy down. I just try to improve.
Again, I think I improved already this week a lot. For sure it's sad to lose the final. But at the end, first day I played here at 12:30 against Giorgi. After 20 minutes I was Love‑5 down and almost lost the first set 6‑Love. She was a break up in the second set, almost leading 3‑Love. What can I say? I'm standing here playing the final.
You know, you can always ask for better. But just be happy with what you have. It's how I feel right now. I'm just super proud of what I did. As I said, I think I've never imagined ever in my whole life to be one day top 10. Right now I'm top 10. Yesterday I didn't talk about it so much because probably I was only focusing on the tournament.
But just looking back with what I've achieved right now, yeah, just have goosebumps right now because the road was long. It's just so great, yeah, and special.
Thanks to my team. As I mentioned in my speech, my coach, he's a monument in tennis I think.

Q. Making the final here, was that kind of a good justification for some of the decisions you made after the US Open with respect to your schedule? Do you feel that rest allowed you to make the run this week?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: Well, the word 'justification' I think it's not a good one for me. I won't take this one because I don't have to justify anything to anyone. It's my own career and I own it. People can talk. At the end I'm the one living my life, not the others. They can say whether it's good or not. But at the end I feel this worked out pretty well for me.
I'm not saying I'm going to do it every year because maybe I'm going to be able to play more tournaments in a row in Asia after the US Open next year. We never know.
Well, it's like on court: you take decisions, you stick with it, you go for it, that's it, you don't think further. For us it was most important to feel that I'm healthy again on court and that I have my mind which is 100% focused on the court, on the ball, on the tactics, especially enjoying playing again.
This joy of playing, I lost it a little bit this summer because I was too focused on the end of this year. I just lost it. It happened that it worked well. I'm super happy about that. But maybe next time we're going to take the same decision and I'm going to make a bad‑‑ maybe not a not‑so‑good result.
That's life. Life for me, it's a curve. It's up, it's down, it's up, it's down. When you're down, you try to get up as quick as you can. You think, okay, yeah, now you're down, you can only go up. If you're up, you try to keep it as long as possible.
Up, that's how I feel. It's like that. It's waves. Even if I was down this summer, I knew that at a certain point it would come back. I'm happy to have this mentality to, yeah, keep on working every day even if sometimes it's tougher than others.

Q. You said you never thought you would make it into the top 10. You are in the top 10. Will you set a higher goal for yourself?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: Well, no. It was already not a goal to be top 10, to be honest. I talked about it many, many times. Maybe it's crazy for some people to understand that I have no goals, no special goals.
My only goal is to give 100% wherever I am, if it's in Europe, if it's in Asia, if it's in South America, if it's sunny, if it's rainy, if it's snowy, if it's wind, no wind, whatever. I try to give my best every day. I try to push myself.
It got me where I am right now. I had big faith in my project. When someone was talking to me about top 10, I was like, Yeah, yeah, top 10 is over there, it's far. Right now I am one of it.
It just shows if you don't set yourself limits, you can go anywhere. You can just push, push, push yourself every day. That's what I'm doing.
I feel kind of young, even at 26. I know I have big eyes, so I have a lot of wrinkles. This is pretty bad. I like my eyes, but this is bad for, like, the pictures on the WTA Tour maybe. But I still feel really young.
I love the job that I'm doing. I probably going to have many more years playing. I have many more years to push myself and to enjoy what I'm doing. You never know how far I'm going to go. I'm not going to be No.10 on the men's tour. But on the women's, I'm going to try to do my best and be really, really, yeah, just enjoying every day.

Q. Tactically on court today against Garbine, what do you think was a good tactic against her? What worked more often than not against her?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: I have some ideas. It's one thing that I didn't thought about it like so much when I stepped off the court. Well, it happened. It happened. If I'm going to think about it more with my coach and talk about it, probably something's going to come up.
Even if I have already an idea about that, I think I won't tell just because I probably going to play her many, many other times.
Well, I'm a fighter. When you lose three times, I mean, all of the players like to win, and it's the same for me. Probably I'm going to, yeah, try to work on what worked today for next time. That's why I'd like to keep it for myself so far.

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